Ayse and Gunter

Hello, Ayse and Gunter from Cologne, Germany. Ayse is living in Tokyo and currently a student Musashino Art University, or Musabi, and Gunter is visiting her from their hometown. When I spotted them in Coconuts Disk shopping around the bins, the stack of records they were holding was getting bigger and bigger and I thought to myself, “Whoa! Look at that stack! These guys are ballers! Def gonna chase them outside for a Tokyo Record Style photo!” And then when I spied them checking out I followed them out.

I chatted Ayse and Gunter just outside in Coconuts has a little smoking nook, where Ayse twisted up two nice hand-rolled cigs, which I really used to be able to appreciate every now and again years ago. They liked hearing about the project and agreed to be photographed but before they busted out their records, we got to talking about Germany where I have been lucky to visit several times. Never having visited to Cologne, I asked about it and how the record store scene was there. They didn’t have too many flattering things to say about Cologne actually, aside from a really huge Carnival festival they throw every year, which I looked up and it looks really fun. Gunter added that it had 3 or 4 decent record shops but no comparison to Tokyo. I have a feeling if I went to Cologne I would find the city really special and the record shops to be unique and cool. Perhaps Ayse and Gunter are simply too close (and maybe too young) to see all the charm their hometown might offer, and mesmerized by the flashy glimmer of Tokyo. I tried to suggest as much but they insisted, “No, really.” Sounds a lot like how I would have described my hometown of Tulsa when was their age, but of course, now see how lovely a place it actually is.

Anyway, I was excited to see the massive stack of records they scored but when they revealed what they got, it was just two records, albeit two really interesting-looking records. They explained that whenever they go record shopping, they just grab all that they might potentially want, and then thoughtfully cull the stack down to the real desirable (How do you do it? I tend to bury them at the back of the section when I find ones I like). Gunter said he had scored these records specifically for sampling, adding that he is a music producer and came up in a local HipHop Beat-making scene and learned sampling, mixing, beat-making, and Ableton, with his mates, all inspired deeply by J Dilla. We were all a little smitten with the record covers, particularly the Miloslav Kabeláč, “Les Percussions De Strasbourg” – that one just looooks good.

Enjoy the rest of your stay, Gunter, and good luck with the rest of your studies, Ayse. Hope you two lovebirds enjoy those records and your time together! (And if anybody out there knows these two, please forward this on to them.)

More Tokyo Record Style on the way!

Miloslav Kabeláč, Les Percussions De Strasbourg [カベラッツ, ストラスブール・パーカッション・グループ ] – 8 Inventions [8つのインヴェンション]
Label: Philips – FH-2
Series: Audio Clinic – 2
Format: Vinyl, LP, Stereo
Country: Japan
Released: 1978
Genre: Classical
Style: Contemporary

Various – 朝日ソノラマ・テレビ漫画全集:鉄腕アトム/海賊王子
Label: Columbia – CS-7259-62
Format: 4 x Vinyl, LP, Mono, Box Set, Compilation
Country: Japan
Released: 1983
Genre:Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack

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