Welcome to Top 5 Records! The weekly show-and-tell online hangout where we discuss our love of music and our “Top 5 Records” for particular occasions.

Whether we’re at the decks DJing a set at the party, manning the tape deck while driving on a cross-country road trip, commiserating with sad songs over a broken heart, or stranded on a lonely with nothing but music, each scenario calls for a different essential Top 5 records for THAT moment. What are your Top 5 Records for….?

For this Top 5 Records, we ask ourselves why so much 80s music, despite its often cheesy production, remains so beloved. Is it due to infectious melodies, bold experimentation? Does nostalgic charm help it endure? For Top 5’s Volume 5, “The 80’s” – we spotlight albums that captured our attention during that strange decade of music, maybe they stood the test of time, maybe they didn’t. 

Brian’s Top 5 (link):
  • “One more Try”, from the album “Faith” (1987)  – George Michael – Covered by Iron and Wine
  • “I can’t go for that, no can do I”, from the album “Private Eyes” (1981) – Hall and Oats – Covered by  Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers – Van Sessions
  • “Sledge Hammer”, from the album “So” (1986) – Peter Gabriel – Covered by Harry Styles on Howard Stern 
  • “They can Never Tear Us Apart”, from the album “Kick” (1987) – Covered by Paloma Faith
  • “Bad”, from the album “Bad” (1987) – Michael Jackson – Parodied by Werid Al Yankovic – Fat (1988) 
Bemsha’s Top 5 (link):
  • Double Fantasy (1980) – John Lennon and Yoko Ono
  • Technodelic (1981) – Yellow Magic Orchestra
  • Glassworks (1981) – Philip Glass
  • Body and Soul (1984) – Joe Jackson
  • Around the World in a Day (1985) – Prince and the Revolution
Michael’s Top 5 (link):
  • Paul Simon – Graceland (1986)
  • Sam Cooke – Live At The Harlem Square Club 1963 (1985)
  • Virginia Astley – From Gardens Where We Feel Secure (1983)
  • Bob Dylan – Infidels (1983)
  • Syl Sylvain – Syl Sylvain And The Teardrops (1981)
Bonus Third Man Records Edition (link)

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