Welcome to Top 5 Records! The weekly show-and-tell online hangout where we discuss our love of music and our “Top 5 Records” for particular occasions.

Whether we’re at the decks DJing a set at the party, manning the tape deck while driving on a cross-country road trip, commiserating with sad songs over a broken heart, or stranded on a lonely with nothing but music, each scenario calls for a different essential Top 5 records for THAT moment. What are your Top 5 Records for….?

Our theme for Volume 9 is “The Languages of Music” – Records that are in a language other than our own! Music transcends language barriers, speaking directly to the heart and soul, fostering connections beyond the limitations of words. Whether it’s Swedish Pop, African Sahara Desert Blues, Brazillian Tropicália, or Tuvan throat singing, we celebrate here! 

Brian’s Top 5 (link):
  • “Talking Timbuktu” (1994), Ali Farka Touré with Ry Cooder
  • “Build up” (1970) – Rita Lee
  • “Secos y Mulhaldos” (1971) – Secos y Mulhaldos
  • “Red Roses for Me” (1984) – The Pogues
  • “Happy End” (1973) – Happy End
  • “Nevytahuj mi ho prosím na veřejnosti” (2012, Vlastní Náklad) – Traslated as “Please Don’t Pull It Out on Me in Public” (2012, self-published) – Záviš
Bemsha’s Top 5 (link):
  • Elis Regina in London (1969) – Elis Regina
  • Песни [Songs] (1980) – Владимир Высоцкий [Vladimir Visotsky]
  • Louisiana Blues And Zydeco (1965) – Clifton Chenier
  • 喜納昌吉&チャンプルーズ [Shoukichi Kina & Champloose] – 喜納昌吉 & チャンプルーズ 
  • Genghis Blues (1996) – Kongar-ol Ondar & Paul “Earthquake” Pena 
Michael’s Top 5 (link):
  • Banda do Mar (2014) – Banda do Mar
  • 感受性応答セヨ (2001) – Eastern Youth
  • Dans Mon Île (1958) – Henri Salvador
  • Telantena Zaré (1974) – Alèmayèhu Eshèté
  • Åtminstone Artificiell Intelligens (2017) – Mattias Alkberg
Bonus Voyager Golden Record Edition (Link)

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