Hi everybody, I’m Brian!

Welcome to Tokyo Record Style!

Whether you listen to music streaming online, or in the car on the radio, or still buy physical media, or you’re an “all-the-above” like me, you’re probably aware of the huge resurgence in vinyl records over the last 10 years. This is really exciting for those of us who really like to connect deeply with the music we love. Visiting the record store and playing records and just geeking out on records with friends is so much fun!

What I’ve been discovering through my recent Tokyo Record Style project, where I stop people on the streets carrying record store purchases and ask them about their “scores” (which I later go listen to) is that I’m not listening to what the corporate radio stations are trying to sell me, nor am I listening to a playlist curated by a single individual, or worse yet, a bot. By approaching record-collecting strangers on the streets of Tokyo, who collectively have an absolutely enormous spectrum of taste, I realize that I AM listening to an algorithm …the HUMAN ALGORITHM, and I am 10,000% convinced, it is the best way to discover new music.

I’m no expert about records and pressings, and turntables and gear, but having been avidly collecting for nearly 30 years, I know most all the ins and outs. My enthusiasm for this hobby has turned quite a few people onto records over the years and I want to encourage you to start listening to records as a worthwhile pastime. It seems to just get more fun the longer I’m at it!

So if you are “Vinyl Curious” but you don’t really understand what the point is, or what equipment you need, or maybe the difference between a cartridge and a stylus, please don’t hesitate to hit me up with ANY questions, really. I love love love sharing this passion and it’s my pleasure to turn more people on!

If you want a taste of the kinds of discoveries you can make collecting vinyl, consider bookmarking Tokyo Record Style, following me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Sign up for my Newsletter, and keep an eye on this space. Thanks for being here! More Tokyo Record Style on the way!

Profile photos by Martin Holtkamp