Record collecting friends! Brian here, representing Tokyo Record Style!!

I’m starting a new project called “Tokyo Record Style Day” where I am going to try to gather some pals together on a Sunday afternoon once a month and hit a small cluster of record stores in one local neighborhood of Tokyo, and photograph you all with your records, starting with a dig through Shimokitazawa!

Shimokita has over a dozen record stores and I can suggest a path to visit a few of my favorites, or we can choose our own. Let’s meet at the legendary Flash Disk Ranch, and end at Disk Union, and maybe hit General, Jet Set, Record Station, and a few of the many options in between!

We can get a can-coffee/street-beer after it’s all over, or we can go to Magic Spice near Disk Union to grab some curry and share our scores!

I hope it might be possible to host this event once a month, and that I can make all your portraits, and that we might even sometimes find a way to host a DJ party finale, and that together we can explore and celebrate Tokyo’s vibrant Record Store scene and our shared love of music! (Volume 2 – Shinjuku???)

See you all Sunday, January 29 in front of Flash Disk Ranch at 2pm! Everyone is invited 🙂 Facebook Event link: here

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