Record collecting friends! Brian here, representing Tokyo Record Style!!

Announcing “Tokyo Record Style Day – Volume 8 – Tsutsujigaoka!!” Join us for another afternoon of crate-digging with homies in local Tokyo neighborhoods, where gems and grails await us in clusters of awesome record shops! Score LPs, EPs, 10”s or CDs! Tapes? Reel-to-reels? 8-Tracks? We don’t judge! Just come celebrate your love for physical media and good ‘ol record shop culture! Pose for a photograph in your styley-est digs and with your Record Store scores, and make your mark on Tokyo Record Style!!

Garageville is a really cool shop and snack/beer hangout on the quiet west side of Tokyo in Tsutsujigaoka (which is located in what I call “The Goldilocks Zone”, far enough removed from the city center not picked over, and with better prices, yet close enough to have all the good stuff that you’d expect to find in the city center,) run by the friendly and knowledgeable, Yasu san, his wife Junko san, and their two cats, Kinoko and Goma! It’s a cool little outpost, you might even say a little slice of heavy, just outside of Tokyo, replete with a stocked fridge of crafted beers, yummy drinks, and some light snacks to share with friends on a couple of mini sofas!

You’re invited to join up, and mix up, with homies new and old! We’ll meet at the Garageville at 3pm, then possibly a zip by train to nearby Time Machine in Chofu (…or next time) and then bye-bye, but not before a Tokyo Record Style Photos!

See you all Saturday, April 27th in Garageville! Everyone is invited!

Facebook event page: here