I met globe-trotting, vinyl-raiding, sound-selector, DJ Laura Lopez outside of HMW in Shibuya after she had just scored a smattering of City Pop 45s to add to what I might guess is a rather large collection of wax with which she regularly DJs sets of Soul, Funk, Boogie, and Disc (see her Instagram). Hailing from D.C. and having visited Tokyo (with her record-collecting partner-in-crime Ed – see next post) so many times that she’s lost count, she knew the Tokyo Wax Trax as well as anybody and had the vinyl to prove it.

I loved her white jacket on all-black sense, her funky-chunky specs and hunky-punky boots, and her cool tote, with some sound advice, no pun intended, from Peanut’s favorite music aficionado, Schroeder. Laura’s spirit was bubbly, her character had character, and her affection for music and records was much like that beaming smile she so freely shared was certainly contagious. Can’t you tell from these photos?

We had a super buzzing conversation about all things music, record stores, and DJ events, and we could have probably talked for hours more if we both didn’t have to dash off. She recommended I check out Club Heavy Sick, a well-known live house in Shibuya that I have yet to visit, run by Mr. Death who, despite the nickname, is meant to be super friendly and kind. Did I hear that she DJ’d there? Might have,

DJ Laura Lopez will no doubt be back to Tokyo at some point, hopefully in the not-so-distant future, and I’m crossing my fingers that she and Ed will look me when they come – who knows, maybe we can do a Tokyo Record Style Day (see photos) or a DJ set! Yeah for new record-collecting homies!

Monta with Junko Ohashi – 夏女ソニア = Sonia
Label: Philips – 7PL-117
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single
Country: Japan
Released: 1983
Genre: Funk / Soul, Pop
Style: Disco

Pink Lady – Chameleon Army
Label: Victor – SV-6530
Format: Vinyl, 7″, Single
Country: Japan
Released: 1978
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Pop
Style: Disco, Kayōkyoku

岡雅義と東京ロマンチカ (Masayoshi Tsuruoka And Tokyo Romantica) – 秘密 (Secret)
Label: Kit Records (3) – X-23
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single, Stereo
Country: Japan
Released: Nov 10, 1972
Genre: Pop
Style: Kayōkyoku

ピンキーとキラーズ (Pinky & Killers) – 七色のしあわせ (7 Colors of Happiness)
Label: King Records – BS-990
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single
Country: Japan
Released: 1969
Genre: Latin, Pop
Style: Kayōkyoku

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