Tokyo Record Style Day, Vol. 4 – THANK YOU!

Record-loving homies! Brian here. I want to give an update on this weekend’s Top 5 Records event but with a busy summer family schedule, I’m still catching up on past activities, including our last “Tokyo Record Style Day” which was our 4th edition of visiting and celebrating cool record stores with out homies. For this edition, we visited Coconuts Disk in Kichijoji run by the gentle soul Yajima san, and a cast of laid-back music experts, the kind that keeps great tunes on the house system and knows all the degrees of separation from one artist to the next. 

We were a small crew, as expected, but that’s actually better than a big crew. When you’re just 4 or 5 it feels like a little X-Wing Fighter Red Squadron, too many more members and we might be a target, and a threat to the rebellion. …but it would also be fun to see what happens if we’re ever 20 people, haha! Anyway, thank you to these homies for rallying all the way out to Kichijoji, Tokyo’s most chilled-out bohemian outpost, and to Yajima san and the Coconuts Crew, who I am sure I will be seeing again very soon. 

Bonus (unsubstantiated) Fact / Pop-Quiz: Wonder where Coconuts Disk gets its name? Perhaps the answer lies in a song within the discography of the Japanese artist – and musical pioneer – pictured, along with his signature, inside the record store’s jukebox… (Hint: Maybe try looking for a song that might be called “ココナツ・ホリデー” definitely with an Allman Brothers-inspired riff) …again, unsubstantiated. 
 Oh and P.S. Next Tokyo Record Style Day is slated for August 26 in Ochanomizu for some Disk Union -> Burger King (for those with the right constitution) -> Tohto Records, another supreme cool shop but in a different way and on the other side of Tokyo! Mark your calendars now!

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