Tokyo Record Store Day Vol. 6 – Coco Isle Music Market

Reposting from yesterday, no change in plan, just posting again!

Guys, I really dropped the ball on this one. I need you guys to please give me a pass. I had originally planned this for 3pm in the afternoon but then I found out I had a family obligation. Although I didn’t actually make a dedicated post or event page about it yet, I had mentioned the initial time in one post, but then the 7-9 postponed time in another post. Ahhhhh!!!! I just got overwhelmed and didn’t know if I should keep pushing or not. Anyway…. It’s *TODAY October 8th* and I know 7-9 is not a great time and honestly I have a tiny budget to spend, but I know people are expecting to go there so it IS happening. I just screwed up in getting right! Sorry!!! Sorry to you guys and sorry to @kazuki_cocoisle and @coco_isle_shibuya. We’re gonna do tomorrow, then I’m gonna do it again soon, and I’m gonna get it lined up properly. Thanks for your understanding and if you can make it, great! And if you can’t, please come next time! See you *TONIGHT*! Yeah Mon!


〒150-0041東京都渋谷区神南1-3-2 不二ビル4F
TEL & FAX 03-3770-1909
OPEN 12:00~21:00 火曜定休

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