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We interrupt your normal programming to bring you this special announcement.

Well… This is not really an announcement, but I’m not going to call this normal Tokyo Record Style programming. This is just for those who might be interested hip to the fact that Tokyo Record Style is one of several Instagram threads I run. There are embarrassingly too many to list but the ones to point out here are @brianscottpeterson which is my personal account, which sadly starts and stops (and is a stop at the moment), and which often absorbs one of my other projects, Photohoku, an ongoing volunteer photography project that started in response to the big earthquake here in 2011, and actually continues on all these years later, broadening its horizons and aiming to use photography as a mechanism for goodwill projects (PhotoHope, PhotoPeace, PhotoHoHoHo, and others.) Many of the recent photos on @brianscottpeterson are actually not mine, but photos of people who are a part of that community. I’ll quickly mention that some of the methods I gained in doing Photohoku all these years are the same methods I used to do Tokyo Record Style. It is a kind of life work of mine, and I’m always happy to share about it.

Another Instagram I run is @Zebrio, which is a very old internet handle I have maintained for many many many years. Zebrio, as silly as it sounds, is a combination of the words Zebra, Brian, and Rainbow (without the ‘w’). It came to me when I was working a lot in multiple exposures. I had this sorta hair-brained dream to shoot a roll of black and white film, then roll it back up, cast a magic spell on it and turn it into color film, then double expose it. Being without the gift of pure raw magic, I envisioned a way I could do it, by slicing up stacked strips of film, one color and one black and white, then splicing it back together, like zebra stripes, with each alternating strip being a piece of color film followed by black and white. To develop it would require some C41 or E6. It’s an interesting idea in concept but I’ve never tried it.

Anyway, my @Zebrio is currently on a color kick for which I recently needed bemsha’s help. Gimme a follow if you like. I just started blue …kind of.

Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue
Label: Columbia – CS 8163
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Country: US
Released: Aug 17, 1959
Genre: Jazz
Style: Modal

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