Takashi Takashima

One of the best things of doing Tokyo Record Style is befriending so many record shop owners. When they are really warm, like they so often are, especially like the owner of Greatest Hits Records in Nagoya, Takashi Takashima, and they invite you into their inner world, you not only does it feel like you just scored the all-access back-stage pass to your favorite concert, but you hear all about the the inside scoop of upcoming albums or the intricacies of certain pressings, or behind-the-scene stories of visits of famous musicians and celebrities, and all manner of music industry lore, which Takashima san was full of, some which I was sworn to secrecy upon hearing 😉

Takashima san obviously a well-established veteran in the record shop business and Greatest Hits, (also known colloquially as “グレヒ” or “Gure-Hi” in Japanese abbreviation fashion) is a testament of that. It’s packed to the gills with killer inventory, used records and CDs to the ceiling in 3 or 4 rooms and on two floors, precious music galore, and has been in business for over 20 years. Takashima shared with me about his MANY trips to the states over the last 20 years on record-buying and selling excursions, commenting on how America has gone through some drastic changes, particularly in Portland where he has visited most. He also shared with me about a recent trip through the southern states on a buying spree, and how one client he visited had a secret vault, replete with bank-style blast-secured safe door under his home that housed an apparently insane collection. So many great stories.

I had intended to visit 3-4 different shops in Nagoya with the few hours I had to kill while my daughter was off at Vantalin Dome seeing her favorite group band, but I ended up have such a long, thoughtful, and fun conversation with Takashi that my time ran out, despite him really giving me the ENTIRE lowdown on the Nagoya Record Store scene, with a hand-notated detailed map that would have really helped. I guess there is only one thing left to do, and that’s pay Nagoya another visit, and visit “Gure-Hi” again when I do.

Thanks for so much kindness Takashima san and for sharing so much about yourself, Greatest Hits, Nagoya, and beyond. Hope to see your live band, “King of Latin Show” one of these days and I’ll be sure to see you at the next Record Fair in Tokyo in July! Until then, take care!

More Tokyo Record Style on the way!

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