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After a great trip to Nagoya, I was back on home turf in Tokyo when on my way home from work I spotted this VERY cool couple in Shibuya coming out of HMV with what looked like a sizable haul. Ruffy and Majoo introduced themselves and though they were in a bit of a rush to get to the next record store before it closed, they were happy to give me some of their time for Tokyo Record Style. And when I found out that they have a record shop in San Francisco, and were on a buying, selling, and spinning spree in Tokyo, I realized how gracious it was of them to give me some of their limited time.

They are purveyors of all manner of Latin, Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, South and Central American rarities, from Salsa to Samba, from Bossa Nova to Bachata, from Rock to Pop and everywhere in between. They relocated their Record Shop and record label, Discodelic, from Mexico City to San Francisco in the Latino Cultural District where they have a devout following of deep diggers who regularly broadcast DJ sets as the “Discodelic Discos Viajantes” (check out their instagram which looks amazing @discodelic_discos_viajantes)

Latin, Caribbean, Afro-tropical and the like are huge blindspots for me, not for a lack of interest, but just for never having been led to a few of the main sources. When I asked Majoo and Ruffy where one might start into an journey into Latin & Caribbean, they recommended I start with Cuba, and the legends from whom so much of the music originated: Chano Pozo (Cuban jazz percussionist, singer, dancer, and composer who co-wrote some of Dizzy Gillespie’s Latin-flavored compositions, including “Manteca” – SAY WHAT!?!, Celia Cruz (one of the most popular and best-selling Latin artists of the 20th century, earning the nicknames “La Guarachera de Cuba” and “Queen of Salsa”), La Sonora Matancera (iconic and beloved Cuban founded in 1924 and led for more than five decades by guitarist, vocalist, composer, and producer Rogelio Martínez), and Arsenio Rodríguez (Legendary blind Cuban musician, composer and bandleader who created the basic template of modern-day salsa). When I asked them to recommend somebody, ANYBODY current to check out, it was a unanimous Chicano Batman (Los Angelese Band, Heroes of Rock/Funk/Soul/Latin who I can say I have at least heard of.) That was quite a download. After checking all these recommendations out, I will be trying to stream all these Obscure tracks that Majoo and Ruffy scored on their Japan trip!

Great to meet you again, Majoo and Ruffy! Thank you for sharing your time and your music! Until next time, I’ll see you at the record store!

More TRS on the way!

Flash & The Dynamics – The New York Sound
Label: Tico Records – LP-1233
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono
Country: US
Released: 1971
Genre: Rock, Latin, Funk / Soul
Style: Funk, Psychedelic

Pete Rodriguez – I Like It Like That
Label: Oldays Records – ODREP45009
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single
Country: Japan
Released: Sep 28, 2018
Genre: Latin
Style: Boogaloo

Mary Chow [周玲寶] – 賣花歌
Label: S.R.S. – J-1244
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, EP
Country: Singapore
Released: 1968
Genre: Pop
Style: Vocal

Helene Velu, dengan Band Titiwangsa – Ampun Maaf Di-Aidil Fithri
Label: Cameron (2) – KLC 918
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, EP
Country: Singapore
Released: 1970
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Vocal

Zaleha Hamid Iringan Orkes Zindegi – Pandangan Mengoda
Label: Union Record – U.R.E.-531
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, EP, Stereo
Country: Malaysia
Released: 1974
Genre: Pop
Style: Beat, Vocal

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