Ren and Yukina

I’m so thrilled that getting to commemorate moments like these is part of Tokyo Record Style. It’s capturing a rite of passage …but what makes the dive into the world of records a rite of passage? Well, it’s kind of a personal declaration to one’s self, that music is more to us than just something you hear on the radio, more than just the background sound of a moment, more than something that just fills your ears with even song. It’s deciding that music is for listening, not just for hearing. It’s putting one’s self into the role of active, intentional, committed appreciator.

Is it possible to reach these states of awareness by just streaming music? Yes, but it’s kind of like the difference between holding and reading a hand-written letter in your hands and scanning emails in your inbox, the difference between scrolling a kindle vs. turning dog-eared pages of a paperback, the difference between, as my pal Mijonju put it on last Tokyo Record Style Day, turning on the heater in your house vs. building and standing around a campfire. That’s such a great analogy, and that’s what it feels like I’m seeing in this scene, somebody holding in arms what will eventually help them create their first campfire …but maybe that’s just me and us few like-minded friends.

Well, I’m happy to make some new friends with Yukina and Ren, both of whom are studying fashion design. Sidenote: I was told Yukina makes unique fashion styles from just single square fabrics, that come to life with folds and twists and turns, perhaps like Origami or Furoshiki. And I heard Ren designs men’s street fashion and also goes on 100km bicycle rides! WOW! Well, best of luck on all your journeys and rites of passage ahead, especially this music-loving one! It’s bound to bring you tons of joy!

More Tokyo Record Style to come!

“Vinyl Transport – ポータブルなトランク型レコードプレーヤー”

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