This cool cat is Koyo who I met through my friend Paramitha (Hi Mitha chan!) who I met through Photohoku and the other photography community projects I host. Paramitha is an Indonesian fashion designer whose most recent collection I photographed a few weeks back, during which Koyo was one of the models (notice Koyo’s striking good looks!) During the shoot, Mitha, being the bubbly spirit that is, talked up Tokyo Record Style quite a lot, and mentioned TRS Day, so here we are! The circle of friends grows bigger!

The community photo projects I organizing (outside of this particular one) are fun for sure, but they demand quite a bit of organization and corralling people and resources and take a lot of effort. I’m grateful to have the chance to do them, but for these Tokyo Record Style Days, I really want to just enjoy music with homies, and not really think about planning too much. So I’ve just taken a laissez-faire approach and just suggested we meet at a particular central starting spot among a cluster of record stores, all say hello, then each scatter to our favorite shops, then re-connect at another central ending spot, to see what we all scored. It’s worked out well so far. On this last TRS Day, during a moment after we has all already scattered, I was beelining to one shop when I saw Koyo beelining towards me to another shop (on an obvious mission for something…). We hi-fived and saluted some good luck to each other and then in an hour or so later, he appeared at the rendezvous point with the record he’s holding in the photo.

Very little is written about P-Model’s Potpourri in English, which only intrigued me more to give it a listen., which I did this morning. What a truly interesting record. What is written about it (see the comments for some English Wiki details) reads a bit like angst-ridden teenage mystery fiction. Glad to have logged and listened to this one, and if/when I see it again out there in the wild, I will remember the person who turned me onto it. Thanks, Koyo!

More Tokyo Record Style on its way!!

P-Model – Potpourri
Label: Warner Bros. Records – K-12005W
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Japan
Released: Mar 25, 1981
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style New Wave

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