Tom Browne – Magic

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  1. 大好きなTom Browne 1981に渋谷レコード屋で購入 あまりにも聴きすぎの為LPは傷だらけ 今回同じアルバムを購入!ライナーノーツも入って問題無し!

  2. 現在はアコーステックジャズをやっているらしいが、これを初めて聞いた時にあまりの『ディスコサウンド』にびびった記憶がある。今でなら『ダンスビート追求サウンド』と判断できるが。フュージョンとはいえない、クラブ系ディスコ御用達サウンド。ハーブアルパート、ティジック、チャックマンジョーネが好きならいけるかも。ファンク的観点から冷静に捕らえるとやはり、10点中8点再評価は当然だろう。視野が狭いと言うことは非常に恐いことである。

    The self titled cd is perfect. Beautiful album.Mr Browne is Awsome💿😎👍⭐️🎶

    This was/is a GREAT album! I believe it was in the early months of 1982 that I bought the original vinyl version of MAGIC and I enjoyed it then. But, after buying this c.d. reissue, I have an even deeper appreciation for this recording. I became a “curious fan” of T.B. after hearing his debut lp BROWNE SUGAR in 1980 and followed his work from that point on. But this is one SUPERB recording! At the time that I heard the original-and even though I liked the more obvious tracks ( i.e; Thighs High, Magic & I Know )- I wasn’t mature enough to appreciate tunes like Midnight Rendezvous and the cover of God Bless the Child. Until now, I hadn’t heard this album for a good 20 years or so, and I have to say that I’ve discovered a new-found appreciation for MAGIC, an “A+” album!

  5. A Tom Browne must have!
    Bought this cd for the song “Lets dance” which was a hard-to-find on cd. I could’ve cared less about the other songs, but it helped to have “funkin for Jamaica” as a bonus on this cd. Who wants to buy a cd with just one hit? This song reminded me of the days when I was just starting clubbing it bought back memories of what life and music used to be. Sound quality was good as well as price for import. My only downside was the liner notes(artist bio)were written in japanese.

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