Mori (and Rio)

What an encounter, meeting Mori and his lovely lady, Rio! What an insanely cute couple! I swear, I keep traveling back in time to my 20s when I meet young people on the streets in love. What I see are the playful of hearts, innocent spirits with ornery sweetness, that child-like twinkle of wonder in their eyes that reflect back wide-open roads, roads that tend to glimmer less and less for those whose decades have passed and as midlife tries to beat us down, break our will, suck the creative marrow out of bones. But some of us fight to keep youthful hearts, to cheat cynicism with silliness, insubordination, mischief and irresponsibility, evading capitulation in ever more cunning ways, refusing to ever grow up. Rubbing shoulders with Mori’s and Rio’s helps. So does music.

As luck would have it, I bumped into these lovebirds far from their nest in Shizuoka and Yokohama respectively. They were having a date night in Shimokita (I admit my heart is about to explode just to think about it) and I managed to catch up with them under the giant floating moon installation by UK artist Luke Jerram, – titled ‘Museum of the Moon’, hanging for the neighborhood’s annual Lunar festival. The smile-inducing exhibition features really striking photographic details of the moon’s textured surface as captured by Nasa.

How apropos that Mori had scored, George Harrison (my favorite Beatle)’s “Extra Texture”, an offering I’m actually not that familiar with. To say I was STOKED to see this in the hands of Mori, who scored it for a whopping ¥800 yen, is a gross understatement. He told me that his discerning ear was excited to hear this on his Hi-Fi, which includes a pair of KEF LS50 and a Cambridge phono preamp (both same for me)! Rio told me told me that she too adores the Beatles, a love she got from her dad. She’s also a big Queen fan. When she mentioned that, I had to introduce them both to Serú Girán, a recent Argentinian discovery that I can’t get enough of that has elements of both the Beatles and Queen (introduced to me by Julian)

GREAT meeting you too, under the moon! Hope you had an an amazing date night! Someday we’ll meet again, maybe under the full moon!


George Harrison – Extra Texture (Read All About It) = ジョージ・ハリソン帝国
Label: Apple Records – EAS-80355
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Japan
Released: 1975
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock

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