I spotted Kobayashi san walking down the street carrying a Disk Union bag. When I asked him if he’d pose for Tokyo Record Style, I realized I was interrupting a live stream he was either hosting or participating in on his phone. Not wishing to derail his stream I told him not to worry about a photo but then he agreed so long as he could continue livestreaming while I photographed him, to which I of course was happy to oblige.

Kobayashi san produced a “not for sale” promo copy of Hard Reversal by Amore Hirosuke & Love Machine which he knew little about, and about which I could find little information online, perfectly illustrating the point that not all music out there is accessible on the usual streaming platforms, i.e., you are not getting the full breadth of music available to you without also searching out physical media like records, tapes, or CDs. Kobayashi san was a bit allusive about his interests in music or hobbies but did mention that he works and a famous, but undisclosed, top- secret Taiyaki shop in Ginza!

I have to admit, Kobayashi left me intrigued about the album, about the taiyaki shop, about the live stream, about himself, and about the next person I may meet in this series. But that’s half the fun! …Keep following for more Tokyo Record Stye to come!

Hard Reverasl – Amore Hirosuke & Love Machine
Label: TD3112
Format: Vinyl
Number of Discs: 1
Country: Japan
Genre: Japanese Pop

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