Hi, friendly and smiley, Hazel, who was the 3rd and final part of the “Tremendous Trio” I met on the streets of Shibuya last week. I just love the word/name “Hazel” – I think it’s the letter “Z” inside it, and the plant from which the hazelnut comes, believed by the Celts to give one wisdom and inspiration (look up the story of the sacred Druid salmon who ate a hazelnut, then the Druid boy who cooked the salmon and gained all its fishy wisdom – good story), and of course the color Hazel, and the fact that it’s just a oddball hue that isn’t exactly blue or green or brown or amber or grey, and yet all of them at the same time …just love that. And my sweet little red-headed niece, Hazel Kate, who somehow got my mom’s bright red hair that skipped all 5 of her kids, and 5 of her 6 grandkids. Hey, Hey, Hazel! 

This Hazel had scored the remastered 30th Anniversary Edition of Mariya Takeuchi’s “Quiet Life” produced by Tatsuko Yamashita, and originally released in 1992 (Doesn’t “30 years ago” seem like it should be 1962! …haha). Nice score, Hazel. I’m actually listening now to this album, for the first time – more musical discovery!

One more thing to mention: Hazel’s great style! I loved her hat, a kinda hat that takes a big of guts to pull off, which she definitely had, and pulled off well. And if I can say, she wore long cool black dress, with cut-outs at the waist that flattered her lovely figure, but the detail I wanted to point out was that, if I have worked it out in my head correctly, it’s a long tube shape that is essentially turned inside out at the cutouts, right? It’s a simple but clever design that I just wanted to take a sec to appreciate. Hazel has really got some “Tokyo” “Record” and “Style” going for here, and like that old Hollie’s song, she was a “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” …Go look up that song, Hazel if you don’t know 🙂

More Tokyo Record Style on the way!

竹内まりや [Mariya Takeuchi] – Quiet Life (30th Anniversary Edition)
Label: Moon Records (5) – WPJL-10162
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Remastered, Gatefold, 180g
Country: Japan
Released: Aug 31, 2022
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: Blues Rock, Pop Rock, Ballad

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