It happens again. I’ve photographed an album neither on Discogs nor on streaming, the first EP (released just 10 days ago) “人類滅亡ワンダーランド” or “Human Destruction Wonderland”, by 3-piece indie-rockers “Brandy Senki”, and goddamn, they’re good. They have some fun videos on YouTube you can check out, one with 3M views, (and one that features a Fuji Instax Wide Camera! COOOL!”)

I owe this musical discovery to Brandon, photographed here, who was part of the trio of friends I met under Miyashita Park last week. Brandon is a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene which is a sorta long lost cousin of my Alma Mater, CU Boulder. I think it’s safe to say that both schools tend to attract people who pride themselves as much on their academics as they do on their “zest for life”, let’s call it. Brandon is enjoying a year abroad as a student at Waseda (not sure I asked if he’s an undergrad or post-grad but I do remember him telling me that he had also spent a year in Hong Kong. And based on his interest in my story, how I managed to stay so long and carve out a niche for myself …whoa, just looked at the date today, August 20th – 2 days ago on the 18th, officially marked my 19th year in Japan. I came here back in 2004. What a long strange trip it’s been… Anyway, I digress. Yes, Yes, So Brandon, curious about my story, hinted that he may be here for longer than just a year at university. Let’s stay in touch, Brandon, and see.

Thanks for that intro to Brandy Senki – Killer band – and for expanding my musical horizons! What a great way to meet new people and discover new music!

More Tokyo Record Style on the way!

One more thing! Friendly reminder that next Saturday will be Tokyo Records Style Day Vol. 5 at Tohto Records & Books in Yushima from 12:30. Look for the purple post in the TRS feed to read more about it! Please join us!

Brandy Senki – 人類滅亡ワンダーランド
Country: Japan
Released: August 9, 2023
Genres: Japanese Indie, J-Pop

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