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Have I mentioned the “Goldilocks Zone” of Tokyo Record Stores yet? Stores that are located outside of the city center where they have a totally unique flavor, are never particularly crowded, not picked over and even slightly less expensive, but close enough to Tokyo to have all the good stuff and then some. Garageville is indeed one such shop in the Goldilocks Zone. It’s a bar and record shop, with a premium and tasty-looking bottle beer selection, pringles to snack on, heaps of great records, two Thorens TD 124s behind the bar with those big beautiful Ortofon SPU cartridges and a fat vintage amp, two curious cats, Kinoko and Goma, and a very friendly proprietor with impeccable taste, Yasu san who started @garageville back in 2018, about a 3 min walk from Tsutsujigaoka station on the Keio Line towards Chofu. Right now he has a killer selection of Christmas records and stacks and stacks of other great records. Go pay Garageville a visit and let me know if you do, cuz I just might zip over there to meet you and Yasu san for some music, some company, and some killer wax!

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