Welcome to Top 5 Records! The weekly show-and-tell online hangout where we discuss our love of music and our “Top 5 Records” for particular occasions.

Whether we’re at the decks DJing a set at the party, manning the tape deck while driving on a cross-country road trip, commiserating with sad songs over a broken heart, or stranded on a lonely with nothing but music, each scenario calls for a different essential Top 5 records for THAT moment. What are your Top 5 Records for….?

Music’s profound ability to provide guideways and signposts in our lives, especially through certain albums, helps to shape our identities, values, and tastes, playing an indelible role in the formation of the people we become. Our Volume 2 theme is “Autobiographical” – the records that formed our personalities and tastes more than others. Maybe not the best records in our collection, but the ones helped us get from one place to another. Come Join us! 

Brian’s Top 5 (link):
  • Lincoln (1988) – They Might Be Giants
  • Doolittle (1989) – Pixies
  • Swordfish Trombones (1983) – Tom Waits
  • Strictly Commercial (1995) – Frank Zappa
  • Happy End (1970) – Happy End
Bemsha’s Top 5 (link):
  • Downtown (1964) – Petula Clark
  • The Monkees (1966) – The Monkees
  • American Pie (1971) – Don McClean
  • Calypso (1956) –  Harry Belafonte
  • Remain in Light (1980) – Talking Heads
Michael’s Top 5 (link):
  • Sesame Street record player (Fisher-Price) (1983)
  • Walk of Life (1985) – Dire Straits
  • Hoky Pokey (1982) / Puff the Magic Dragon (1982) – Peter Pan Records
  • I Get Around / Don’t Worry Baby (1964) – The Beach Boys
  • The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984) – The Muppets

Bonus Comic Edition (

Event Page (part 1): https://www.pechakucha.com/events/brian-scotts-event-661
Event Page (part 2): https://www.pechakucha.com/events/top-5-records-vol-2-autobiographical-2

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