Top 5 Records Volume 14 – The Color of Music Recap

Before moving on to more Tokyo Record Style fun, I just wanted to stop and recap our last “Top 5 Records” and send another big thank you to everyone who participated either as a DJ, presenter, or attendee, (or organizer!). It was heaps of fun and the theme made for some interesting musical exploration.

If you’re new here or don’t quite know what “Top 5 Records” is yet, it’s our monthly DJ event and talk show where we play records and countdown our favorite songs, albums, and artists, on various self-imposed themes in tribute to our unlikely heroes and record-store clerks, Rob, Dick, and Barry of the Nick Hornby Novel and cult classic film, High Fidelity.

I’ve actually already recapped last weekend’s 14th volume with a brief synopsis (check out the “groupie” photo from a few posts back). I also recapped in video form over on the Tokyo Record Style YouTube Channel, but I didn’t yet share photos, not the actual Top 5 lists from our hosts, Micheal Warren, bemsha (who had other obligations), yours truly, and our very special guest hosts, Doc Mike Wasabi, and Asano Michael! Thanks so much for joining us and sharing your Top 5 and music. See below for everybody’s Top 5 List on the theme “The Color of Music”

And thank you to everybody who came out and supported us! We’ll see you all back for another edition of Top 5 Records very soon!

  • Brian’s Top 5
    • “Yellow” (2000) – Coldplay – Parachutes –
    • “She Don’t Jelly” (1993) – The Flaming Lips – Transmissions from the Satellite Heart –
    • “A Day in the Life” (1967) – The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
    • “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” (2002) – The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
    • “Purple Rain” (1984) – Prince – Purple Rain
    • “Kind of Blue” (1959) – Miles Davis (Bonus)
  • Miki’s Top 5
    • Till Mitt Eget Blue Hawaii – My Own Blue Hawaii / Vikingarna – The Vikings (1989)
    • Den Röda Stugan – The Red Cabin / Göran Lindbergs Orkester / The Göran Lindberg Orchestra (1993)
    • Gröna Blad – Green Leaves / Thorleifs – Thorleifs (1997)
    • Leende Guldbruna Ögon – Beautiful Brown Eyes / Leif Bloms (1986) – Arthur Smith Trio (1937)
    • Lasse Stefanz vs Snoop Dogg – PER-ARNEZ
  • Asano’s Top 5
    • “I AM” (1979) – Earth, Wind & Fire
    • ”Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”(1967) – The Beatles
    • “INSIDE THE MIND OF WOODY GOSS” (2020) – Vulfpeck
    • “Born Slippy (12″)” (1996) – Underworld
    • “よすが” [Yosuga](2021) – カネコアヤノ[Ayano Kaneko]
  • Michael’s Top 5
    • “Colors” – Ken Nordine (1966)
    • “The White Album” – The Beatles, (1966)
      • “We Buy While Albums Project” – Rutherford Chang
      • Black/Grey Albums – Various – “The Grey Album” – Dangermouse, “The Black Album” – Jay-Z, “The Black Album” – Weezer, “The Black Album” – Metallica, “The Black Album” – Prince, “The Black Album” AKA Danzig 4 – Danzig  
    • “Weezer” AKA “The Blue Album” – Weezer (1994)
      • “Check Out ‘No One Else’ and ‘Only In Dreams'”
    • – “They Might Be Giants” AKA “The Pink Album” – They Might Be Giants (1986)
      • “Check out ‘Don’t Let Start’ and ‘Youth Culture Killed My Dog'”
    • – “The Muppet Movie: Original Soundtrack Recording” – The Muppets (1979)
      • “Check out ‘Rainbow Connection’ and ‘I Hope That Something Better Comes Along'”
    • – “Will You Be Staying After Sunday” – Peppermint Rainbow (1969)
      • “Check out ‘Will You Be Staying After Sunday’ and ‘Don’t Wake Me Up in the Morning, Michael'”
    • – “Suspicion” – Terry Stafford (1964)
      • “Check out ‘Margarita’, ‘Playing with Fire’, and ‘Pocket Full of Rainbows'”

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