Tokyo Record Style Day Vol. 5 – Yushima/Ochanomizu

Record collecting friends! Brian here, representing Tokyo Record Style!!

Announcing “Tokyo Record Style Day – Volume 5 – Yushima/Ochanomizu!!” Join us for another afternoon of crate-digging with homies in local Tokyo neighborhoods, where gems and grails await us in clusters of awesome record shops! Score LPs, EPs, 10”s or CDs! Tapes? Reel-to-reels? 8-Tracks? We don’t judge! Just come celebrate your love for physical media and good ‘ol record shop culture! Pose for a photograph in your styley-est digs and with your Record Store scores, and make your mark on Tokyo Record Style!!

The Yushima/Ochanomizu area has a couple of great record stores, including Tohto Records and Disk Union Ekimae

You’re invited to join up, and mix up, with homies new and old! We’ll meet at the Tohto Records at 12:30pm in Yushima, then venture over to Ochanomizu (perhaps for some Burger King) but not before a Tokyo Record Style Photo!

See you all Saturday, August 26th in Yushima at Tohto Records & Books! Everyone is invited! Let us know you’re coming on the FB event page if you can. THANKS!

Here are some past Tokyo Record Style Days:

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