The Omnia Burger T-shirt! I love it!

This month, just for fun, I entered turntable cartridge maker @jico_international‘s T-Shirt Sweepstakes – “OMNIA BURGER” launched to commemorate their killer OMNIA Package and Cartridge Line. The T-shirt featured a tasty-looking hamburger replete with a record and turntable tonearm (with JICO cartridge) toppings. This design by renowned illustrator AIMI Odawara (), known for her remarkable artistic legacy in Japan, jumped off the T-shirt for me because: 1.) My record-loving pals and I often go out for burgers after a record store visit, like we did just last weekend for Tokyo Record Style Day Vol. 5 to Tohto Records & Books, and 2.) because I finally acquired Audio Technica’s re-released and updated mini turntable from the 80s’ (which has nothing to do with the OMNIA BURGER, but still…), The Sound Burger! 

JICO wrote about it’s this T-shirt design: “A mouthwatering hamburger takes center stage in this masterpiece, infused with AIMI’s distinctive touch. A tasty creation of a phono cartridge & vinyl record positioned within the juicy hamburger, uniting the worlds of music and burgers in an unprecedented fast food fashion.” LOVE IT JICO! 

…So I decided to make a little impromptu video about cartridges, the little marvels of engineering that they are, and to say THANK YOU to JICO, whose products I have used for years!! Love the T-shirt, JICO, THANK YOU!  And thanks everyone for watching! 

Leave a comment about your cartridge or what you know about cartridges in the comments and we can all learn a little more!

Shoutouts to everybody mentioned in this video: 

LOJECT AP-10 stylus cleaner

PS: Also a big thank you to @thecreos who chatted me up about JICO and who shared so much Intel about JICO’s products and explained some of the distinctions between all the various cartridges. Someday I’m gonna have a shootout and test them all out, myself (maybe with the growing Tokyo Record Style community too!) Something else I’m gonna someday do is come see you DJ, seems like you’re part of the Turntablist culture that I’m very curious about. I’m also keen to keep an eye out for more cool content you’re spearheading in the “B-Side” series on JICO’s YouTube channel! Loved the episode with @kazuki_cocoisle from Coco Isle Music Market which happens to also be our next stop on the “Tokyo Record Style Day” circuit! Looking forward to our paths crossing soon!

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