Takeshi Shimizu

The artists that compel me the most are the ones who, themselves, are compelled to create. It’s often the compulsion that is more interesting and admirable to me than whatever art they create. My favorite artist John Baldessari said great art cannot be willed into creation, the artist must be possessed to make it. All the time, I so badly WISH that I was possessed to create, that I couldn’t help but make art, a need to create like a need to breathe, like my photographer friend John Sypal, whose project Tokyo Camera Style inspired this one, seems to be possessed photography, like it’s second nature to him, his way of life, and same so many other artist friends that I’m fortunate to know. They create because they must.

Conversely, and maybe contrary to an image I maybe project image, it’s not exactly a natural act to me, visually creating. I love it indeed, but it comes and goes like the wind blowing through open car road-trip windows. Sometimes I catch it and sometimes, it just passes right through.

Having said all that, I recognize that I do feel a compulsion to write, to tell stories, to flex my literary noodle every day, to start with a blank sheet of paper and see where a thought can take me – How should I start? What interludes will present themselves? Where will I end up? I DO feel compelled to write. That’s been one of the really fun aspects of Tokyo Record Style.

…which is AGAIN, ironic for the 2nd post in a row, because my subject here, friend and fellow DJ Takeshi Shimizu wrote a perfectly-formed interview (templatetizable, taboot), replete with formatted questions and insightful answers, and simply too good to not post as-is, robbing me of my own chance to write about him, to tell my own story of him, his damn initiative foiling my ability to tell a tale! Curse you Shimizu, and your damn thoroughness and thoughtfulness, and well …compulsion.

My name: Takeshi Shimizu
Artist: Carioca
Title: Snooze
Shop: Flash Disc Ranch

Why did you choose this record?:
I remembered some Japanese music guides recommended this record and it was a Brazilian music album by Japanese musicians. I like Brazilian music, so I bought it.
I also like the album cover.

How did you feel after listening to the record?:
This record is instrumental Brazilian fusion music, but I loved the nostalgic taste as well as the technique. Unlike other instrumental bands, the flute plays the theme, and the sound of the flute was impressive and nostalgic.

Your favorite songs on the record?:
The song, Torpedo is my favorite. The arrangement is mixed with Brazilian fusion and electronic music and features Hideki Matsutake from YMO as the Synthesizer Programmer.

Why records?:
It takes time and money to find good records, but I love the joy of digging for my favorite records. Discovering something new from records is like meeting someone new. Records are attractive as physical objects and their covers are very large.

Your thoughts on the event:
It was a great pleasure to get to know other music lovers. I used to have a lot of music friends around me, but these days I don’t have many opportunities to meet new music lovers, so this was a great opportunity. Recently, I saw a documentary film called “Other Music”. This is a film about an independent record store in NYC that was closing, and it made me feel strongly that it was sad to see my favorite record stores close. That’s why it’s important to visit favorite record stores and buy records like this event. We also enjoyed showing each other the records we had bought.

Your musical interests:
I like funky music like Funk, Jazz, and Rock. I also like Latin, Brazilian, African, Japanese City Pop, American Roots Music, Caribbean and Jamaican music.

Carioca – Snooze
Label: Kitty Records – 28MK 0012
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Japan
Released: 1981
Genre: Jazz, Latin, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Fusion, Latin Jazz

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