Hey, Taiki! Nice to meet you! You’re Tokyo Record Style’s 100th post! Thanks so much for chatting me up and being such a friendly face. And thanks for sharing your time and your M.O.P. score with me. I was totally unfamiliar with M.O.P. (Mash Out Posse), American hip-hop duo comprised of rappers Billy Danze and Lil’ Fame but after listening to a few tracks off the Warriors record, I’m taken back to a time in my life, a couple summers in the mid to late 80’s where I listened to nothing but gangsta rap, hardcore hip-hop, the artists that found their way to my boombox cassettes decks, or my slightly older pals bass boomin’ car trunks.

I’m suddenly remembering our freestyle BMX crew ace, Chris Miller, who could do Death Trucks and Backpackers on his Haro Master, and we (The Selman Twins, Jason, Claude, myself) just tried to keep up with Tailwhips and Cherry Pickers, and how we all rode around all day in parking lots and neighborhood streets blasting on cassettes, Rob Base and EZ Rock, Easy E and N.W.A, Kool Moe Dee and Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and Ghetto Boys, Beastie Boys, Fat Boys, Run D.M.C., L.L., Public Enemy, Boogie Down, Digital Underground and so much more. I was in constant battle with my mom who (maybe for good reason) kept confiscating them for lyrics like those hilarious lines we’d memorize from 2-Live Crew’s “Nasty as We Wanna be.” We eventually wrote our own rhymes and I’m remembering a great one by my pal Charlie: “I gotta 4-door Cutless Supreme / Two more doors it’d be a limousine / system kinda sucks, got distorted bass / that’s ok, just got more trunk space.” Still hilarious.

Don’t want to presume, but I suspect that Taiki pictured here, like me as a young teenager, has never had much in common in terms of life experiences with the Hip Hop Thug Rapper, who sang on the albums that, despite the disconnect, we passionately collected and loved listening to – totally a very formative aspect of the breadth of my musical appreciation, probably Taiki’s too, considering he also told me he loves Oasis, Arctic Monkey, and Blur. Also recommend PopSmoke, another (new to me) Hip Hop artist to check out! Thanks, Taiki, well-suited as TRS’s 100th post!

M.O.P. – Warriorz
Label: Loud Records – 498277 1, Loud Records – 4982771000, Epic – EPC 498277 1
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Europe
Released: 2000
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap

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