Sasagu, pictured here, was Natsuki’s pal from the previous post who I photographed right after Natsuki just outside of Coconuts Disk in Kichijoji.

I just can’t tell you how heartwarming it is to see two buddies… (both record store clerks, I failed to mention before, Sasugu at Face Records in Miyashita, and Natsuki just started Ella Records – say hi to them when you meet them next) …hitting the bins together on a Saturday afternoon. I can’t think of many more chilled-out things to do, besides maybe some happy hour time afterward where you could listen to purchased records

(Thinks to self: “That’s a great idea! A record shop with a living room where you could kick your shoes off, lounge on a couch or a bean bag, and listen to records with your buddies right after you purchase them. Or maybe a handful of booths, where lots of people can hang and listen. Oh wait, I got it! Convert a Karaoke Tower! The first floor is a record store, then you can rent a Karaoke box but instead of Karaoke, or maybe in addition to it, you have some turntables and Hi-Fi in there, and more living room vibe, with a rug, pillows, lava lamps, etc., and you can play records with your buddies (or your girlfriend/boyfriend), and order drinks, and charge by the hour. Or you could make it like a Love Hotel too with hourly rates, but rather it’s the “Love Music Hotel”, cuz you don’t really want to be in the Love Hotel business, but… yeah, a place to chill and listen to records with your buddies, optimized, and better than your crappy apartment … hmmm.)

Anyway, thanks for inspiring that brainstorm Sasagu and Natsuki. And thanks Sasagu for turning me back onto Marcos Valle (and to Natsuki for turning me on to Bala Desejo)! I really tempted to join you at Marcos Valle’s upcoming Live Tokyo performance at Blue Note with Azymuth that you mentioned. No doubt that’s going to be a legendary show! Hope you guys enjoy! Maybe I’ll see you there!

More Tokyo Record Style on the way!

Marcos Valle – Vento Sul
Label: Odeon – SMOFB-3725
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Brazil
Released: 1972
Genre: Latin, Funk / Soul
Style: MPB

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