The System – Sweat

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5 thoughts on “The System – Sweat

  1. 兎に角、大昔から大好きだったけど、テープだったので今回は価格高いけどやっとCD購入!夕暮れ時に聴くとサイコー!!

  2. ザシステムのファーストアルバム全曲電子音の特盛りなのでかえって新鮮な感覚を味わえる一作。電子音を除けば何となく初期のプリンス部分っぽいねちっこい(僕は好き)音楽にも聞こえる。二曲目は最初何じゃこれ?と思ってたが、何度も聞くと病みつきになるスルメのような曲。ロバートパーマーも超硬派サウンドカバーしてます。また、それ以降のアルバムでもリミックスで曲調を変えてるが本家に及ばず。四曲目も素敵。

  3. たまたまyoutubeで閲覧していて見つけました。当時このバンドの曲は、聴いていた記録がよみがえってきました。アマゾンでこのバンドの曲が登録されていてよかったです。曲が聞きたいがために、スピーカーまで新調してしまいました。

  4. Amazon listing is for the wrong release of this album
    As some others have noted, Amazon has the wrong bonus tracks listed for this album. “Sweat” is The System’s first album that was originally released on LP and cassette in 1983 with the first 7 tracks. The track listing that Amazon shows has 6 bonus tracks. The track listing would be correct if this were the 2008 Funky Town Grooves British import or the 2015 Solid Records/Funky Town Grooves Japanese import, but neither of those releases is what Amazon is selling. What you actually get is the 2014 Unidisc Canadian reissue that includes the following 6 bonus tracks:8. Tu Estas En Mi Systema9. I Won’t Let Go {Long Version}10. Tu Estas En Mi Systema {English/Spanish Dub}11. You Are In My System {Long Version}12. Sweat {Radio Version}13. I Won’t Let Go {Radio Version}Interestingly enough, while the track listing is inaccurate, the product details do correctly indicate that this is the Unidisc release. Of course, the mismatch would only noticed by someone already aware of the various reissues of this album.As to those complaining about “Don’t Disturb This Groove” not being on this album, that is an anomaly of the Funky Town Grooves reissues, because that song is from The System’s 1987 album “

    Don’t Disturb This Groove

    ” that Amazon incorrectly lists as a CD single. The track listing is correct, as the Unidisc release does contain “Don’t Disturb This Groove {Vocal Remix}” as a bonus track; the original album, which I have on CD, only contained the album version of the song. Why the Funky Town Grooves reissues contain a song from a later album—well actually, the remix of a song from a later album originally only available on the 12“ single—is anyone’s guess. The Unidisc reissue sticks to offering bonus tracks from singles released from this album.As a side note, there were at least 4 reissues of this album based on what is listed by music collectors on Discogs:• The 2008 UK limited edition reissue by Funky Town Grooves that included the bonus tracks that Amazon lists.• The 2009 US reissue by Wounded Bird Records with no bonus tracks.• The 2014 Canadian reissue by Unidisc that Amazon sells with the bonus tracks I listed above.• The 2015 Japanese reissue by Solid Records/Funky Town Grooves that effectively replaces the 2008 UK reissue.

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