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5 reviews for Peter Tosh – Bush Doctor

  1. Y’s


  2. 居飛車 穴熊

    ローリングストーンズの今年のLicksツアーでもレパートリーとして採り上げている、「don’t look back」がオープニング。世の中にこんな心地よいリズムがあったのかと今更ながら感動。ライナーノーツも新たになり、Peterが78年にストーンズの前座を務めた時の戸惑いとかエピソードが満載。新たにライブと別テイクも加わり、ボブマーリー、スライ&ロビーのファンだけでなくストーンズファンにもmustな一品。

  3. Shining Star

    Perhaps his most personal album
    BUSH DOCTOR is arguably Peter Tosh’s finest album and I believe his most personal. The behind the scenes events prior to and, in many ways, responsible for it’s release are now legendary. The year was 1978 and Peter was to have a faithful meeting with The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards and Mick Jaggar at the historic “One Love Peace Concert” in Kingston, Jamaica in April of that year. Having such a concert in Jamaica was dangerous enough as the members of The Wailers in particular were held in much hatred and disgust by the government for their revolutionary causes.The situation became even more tense, and for Peter dangerous, when he began making statements directed towards both Michael Marley whom Tosh called the “Crime Minister” and the leader of the Jamaican opposition “Edward Seaga” whom he called “See Hog Yah.” Decrying the “shytstem” that had ruled the island for a long time, Tosh called for the immediate legalization of ganja and an end to the colonialism and it’s injustices which kept the black man chained to a new kind of slavery. This speech almost cost Peter his life as five months later, as it was reported that he was dragged to a jail cell and beaten for 90 minutes and there left for dead.This is one of the many reasons why he is idolized by countless millions of people around the world, he and The Wailers, never ran away from conflict and even more so embraced the idea. He not only talked about it, sang and wrote about it, but lived it daily. And Mick Jaggar and Keith Richards both respected that about him. Peter was the first artist signed to their new “Rolling Stones Records” label and hit the ground running with this phenomenal album. Although, the album did suffer initial as several hundred copies were recalled from the U.K. due to album designer, Neville Garrick’s, scratch and sniff sticker attached to the cover that gave off the smell of “herb.”You find, in my opinion, some of Tosh’s most profound lyrical content on this album. It starts off with an instant hit, a duet with Jaggar on the classic Temptations song, “(You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back”, written by the legendary Miracles, Smokey Robinson and Ronald White. The reggae feel added to the song and the interplay between Tosh and Jaggar make the cover a wonderful kick off to the album. The next track, “Pick Myself Up”, is a song that deals with a lost soul who has, as the song says, “And I try, I said I try, Good Lord I try, I really try try try” to make this life mean something but it doesn’t and he just wants to fly away like the birds of the sky. The use of imagery is astonishing on the song.”I’m The Toughest” is a song that describes Peter Tosh better than any, the song is basically an anthem for those who are being oppressed and held back and also an admonition to people to stand up and do rigt. The chorus is fantastic, “Anything you can do I can do it better I’m the toughest (I’m the toughest) I can do what you can’t do You’ll never try to do what I do I’m the toughest (I’m the toughest).” The next track was co-written by Tosh and Bob Marley, “Soon Come” is a great song about not wasting a persons time where relationships are concerned and keeping commitments which is something that was rarely found in the world that both Tosh and Marley came from.”Moses-The Prophet” is an all time classic song that truly breaks down the hypocrisy of religious leaders in Jamaica, especially those coming to “make disciples for the Lord.” It is very powerful and has a great blues feel to the composition and wonderful guitar and flute. The next 2 songs, “Bush Doctor & “Stand Firm” feature Keith Richards on guitar. The title track is Peter’s call for the legalization of ganja and it’s benefits while the latter song is one of the most powerful calls to stop depending on someone outside of yourself to make your life worth something and meaningful. This is a song that needs to be listened to several times in a row to allow the message to hit home and understand the brilliance of its lyrical content.”Dem Ha Fe Get A Beatin” is the type of song that lead people to call Peter the “Malcolm X” of Reggae and the Rastafarian movement. He was truly of the vein of not turning the other check and fighting back if you struck his cheek. But there was also a spiritual message behind the song as well as that was truly the Rastafarian way, a duel meaning behind every word. Not only are they going to get a physical punishment from man but more importantly, Jah will also punish them while uplifting the down trodden. “Creation” is the final track and the most breathtaking on the entire album. It is so powerful that it really does no justice to try and describe it, put it in, crank it up, sit back and let it minister deeply, you won’t be disappointed.This album was truly a wonderful beginning for Peter on the new Stones label and one of his absolute best. I always felt like I knew more about the man after listening to this album and I think you will be highly enriched by giving it a try. It is an all time classic for music, not just Reggae.

  4. Ahmed Mohamed Althawadi

    the king of music 🎶
    i like ragge music

  5. Yuri Antakurpantisov

    Good reggae music
    It’s a great album, with great songs. But I’m astonished that an album backed with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger would have some cheesy sound effects on Creation. So bad. But other than that song its awesome, but Creation doesnt carry the album anyways. Package had some arrival issues but finally got here. I ordered the vinyl version and was in a nice sleeve on 180 gram.

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