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Re-issue of this 1970 recording originally released on Vertigo, Patto were an unequaled force in the UK rock scene producing two notable albums for Vertigo and a third for Island. Featuring the extraordinary guitar work of Ollie Halsell who is capable of reaching unimaginable peaks of distortion and jazz inspired runs on both electric guitar and vibraphone, along with a fierce rhythm section and the vocals of Mike Patto. The late Mike Patto was wild man of U.K. rock who spent time in the Bow Street Runners, Spooky Tooth and most notably Timebox (which became into Patto). Limited edition – Gatefold – 180 gram.

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5 reviews for Patto – Patto

  1. cappelletti eric

    tres tres bien

  2. Edward J. mccarthy Jr.

    GREAT EARLY 1970S HARD JAZZY PROG GUITAR ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this was the first record patto released in 1970 and this is the best ultimate cd version as this has been expanded to include the 14 minute studio jam from 1970 HANGING ROPE and a bbc track i only heard on a bootleg once before, this disc is also remastered to sound the best it ever has and includes an amazing inlay booklet with the history of patto as per 1970 and how they evolved into patto from timebox ( another great band) and also includes photos of flyers of vintage gigs with THE WHO, THE EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND , MAY BLITZ AND LEGEND. patto went very unnoticed over here in the us but made a big mark on the scene in the uk and parts of europe with there progressive ,jazzy hard rock, when patto played live they where pretty heavy, on record heavy at times and always spot on with great guitar work &solos, there was so so much going on with other guitar oriented bands at this time that again patto had a good following but after a few years split as so much else was going on with bands like URIAH HEEP, DEEP PURPLE, MOUNTAIN,WISHBONE ASH, NAZARETH, BUDGIE, UFO and that is just a brief list of the bigger rock bands, there where also many at pattos level with great albums out so there where so many records coming out from 1968 to 1975 that served this genre that some got lost in the shuffle, im glad i discovered patto years ago and THIS cd edition is the best as i said and brings new life to this now 47 year old classic debut. if you are a guitar person or a fan of hard rock and or prog DONT MISS OUT ON THIS ALBUM AS WELL AS A FEW OTHERS PATTO DID, this band was the real deal at the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Markometal

    Album fantastico, questi Patto sono veramente bravi, album da avere.

  4. Brutus

    Patto’s striking debut and Ollie Halsall’s metamorphosis
    Can a guitar player, like say George Harrison, became a guitar hero in one year? The answer is yes and this album is the proof. Try first to listen to Ollie Halsall (one of the most underrated guitar players in the world) when he was playing in Timebox (the band which gave rise to Patto); and then listen to this album. Can you believe the guitar player is the same? Ollie was a unique talent and in this band he found the right place to start to shine. He will reach his top performance on the next album (Hold Your Fire), but this record is not to be shelved. Only a little bit more rough in the production and lacking few ideas here and there, but even diamonds need to be polished and this is a real gem. It is good to dig it out again, so welcome this official re-master. The BBC extras are additional carats. Don’t miss it!

  5. worfner

    Long forgotten treasure
    Every once in a while, I run across a disc from ‘back in the day’ that makes me wonder if it was as good as I thought I remembered. I’m happy to say that this Patto first disc met all expectations. Unlike bands like Yes, Gentle Giant, or Hawkwind, this is balls-to-the-wall jazz rock fusion, with musical skills higher than average for most examples from this genre & era. After my first listen, I had to play it again to see if it was just the thrill of a new purchase, or a true treasure. Buried treasure indeed!

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