Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM

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Brand キヤノン
Focal Length Description 50 mm
Lens Type Standard
Compatible Mountings Canon EF
Camera Lens Description 50 millimetres

  • High-definition bright f/1.2 aperture lens for single focus, EOS R systems
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1.31 ft / 0.40 m
  • Control ring for direct settings
  • 3 Aspherical Lenses, 1 UD Lens
  • 12-pin communication system
  • Installation Type: Canon EF
  • Built-in Wi-Fi technology makes it convenient on the go and easy to post images to social networks and media sites
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The Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM is highly popular due to its versatile focal length and a bright f/1.2 maximum aperture. These lenses are excellent for difficult lighting conditions, shallow depth of field and selective focus technology.

Additional information

Weight 0.94971 kg
Dimensions 8.89 × 8.89 × 10.92 cm


Model Number


Model year




Lens Fixed Focal Length

‎50 Millimeters

Focal Length (wide)


Focal Length (tele)


Aperture (wide)

‎1.2 Millimeters

Min. Aperture (tele)


Lens type

‎50 millimetres

Lens Configuration


Lens Mount

‎Canon RF

Included Components

‎Lens Cap E-77II, Lens Dust Cap RF, Canon Lens RF50mm F1.2 L USM, Lens Case LP1319, Lens Hood ES-83

Lens Motor Type




Batteries Included


Product Dimensions

‎8.89 x 8.89 x 10.92 cm; 949.71 g

Item model number




Release date

October 25, 2018

Date First Available

September 4, 2018



10 reviews for Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM

  1. マキアート


  2. Kevin Douglas

    My absolutely favorite portrait lens
    I love this lens so much. The micro contrast, the sharpness, the controlled CA. Just a beautiful lens that produces incredible results. You won’t regret getting this. Works for Astro and landscape too. Especially if you stitch together for a pano. Draws attention for sure but the images are leagues better than my nifty fifty

  3. bakamitai

    My new favorite lens!
    Since I am in the middle of transitioning from DSLR’s to mirrorless, I previously used the famed Sigma 50mm Art lens for EF mount with an adapter for RF. The Sigma was my favorite lens, and when it broke I was torn on buying a new one and continuing to use the adapter, or spend trice as much but have a native mount lens. Let me tell you, this RF 50mm 1.2L is worth the money! While the Sigma lens was a tiny bit sharper in the corners, the Canon has much more pleasing bokeh, better color rendition, and amazing flare control. It also just has an indescribable “feel” to the photos that are just more pleasing compared to the Sigma. The lens is hefty and large, about the same as the Sigma with the adapter attached. The build quality is leagues better than the EF version that preceded it, and focuses much quicker.This is an expensive lens, and if you’re someone just starting out in photography, it may not be for you. This will not benefit the casual photographer who is capturing their children’s soccer game, or family gathering, and you’re much better off starting with the RF 50mm 1.8 if you really want a 50mm lens.This lens is designed with the working professional or advanced hobbyist in mind, and it fulfills the role spectacularly!

  4. L

    Not worth the price.
    The lens quality is “fine” but for the price I don’t want “fine”, I want crisp and amazing. For the price I want a lens that noticeably sets itself apart by leaps and bounds from the $150 dollar 50mm 1.8 lens. A seasoned photographer will be able to see the subtle differences between the 50 mm 1.8 and the 1.2, slightly when take the shot but MOSTLY after they port the shots into light room, but the issue is that differences are subtle…

  5. Aubrey

    Canon finally makes a 50 worthy of L
    I purchased this lens a month ago and wanted to put it to it’s paces before reviewing. Shipping from Amazon was quick, with no issues. The Lens is built like a tank, looks good and feels good. for a 50mm, it’s massive. The control ring is a nice addition, with just enough friction to prevent accidental adjustment. The image quality of this lens across ALL apertures is absolutely incredible! This lens puts the smackdown on EVERY 50mm Canon ever made. I must admit, I purchased this lens for my studio work. I wanted a prime lens that I could shoot full bodies with in my limited space studio. The 50mm is the perfect focal length for this. I purchased the Sigma 50mm 1.4 art and spent some days with both lenses to see which was better overall. While the Sigma is a GREAT VALUE for a prime 50 below $800, it simply can’t hold a candle to the Canon 50. Corner to corner sharpness is the best I”ve seen in any 50 prime. Focusing is fast, quiet and accurate on an R5. Sharpness at 1.4 and 1.2 is the best I’ve ever seen in any 50 prime. Saturation and color accuracy is on par with top shelf Canon L glass. The price is the only negative here. What do you want me to say? It costs to be the boss. But rest assured, it will deliver.

  6. J J

    Darn near perfect
    I haven’t been using it as much as I want to, but it’s a great lens. Best things are image quality, the insane levels of bokeh possible, the ability to get really good and fast autofocus with my Canon RP, and just the premium feel of it. The least favorite things of it for me are that it’s very heavy, it makes your camera very front heavy, AND that even though Canon should know that, they have never released a tripod collar for it. A tripod collar isn’t essential, it would just help not have the weight off center of mass, and normally you can fix this by using a long plate, and attaching it to your tripod just beneath the center of mass, but this lens protrudes below the bottom of the lens, so you also need something to lift the body of the camera if you need to put it on a long plate… It’s kind of amazing to me that as much as I’ve searched, not even third party companies make a tripod collar for this lens, when it could totally use it.

  7. Sean Gregory

    RF Glass is the Future
    All I can say is WOW! I’ve had this lens for about a year now and figured I’d finally write a review. I’ll start with the cons which are only two; it’s big and it’s expensive. Those are the cons. As far as the pros it’s darn near optically perfect! Little to no chromatic aberration or distortion and the bokeh is magnificent. The transition between the in focus and out of focus areas is insane. Especially considering how sharp this lens is. And it is sharp! Even at 1.2!!! I’m using it on the EOS R and it performs even better on the R6 and R5 given those bodies have IBIS. I’ve attached some self portraits I’ve taken with the EOS R, tripod and self timer so you can see a few images. If you have any questions you can hit me up on IG @_seangregoryUltimately, if you can handle the price or are in the Canon ecosystem thinking about upgrading from DSLR to mirrorless and/or want the best image quality this is it hands down! Happy shooting my friends 📷!

  8. Jojov

    My go to lens
    Love this lens! Great with the R5 with outstanding eye tracking.

  9. Eric Gauthier

    Too $$
    the sigma art 50mm 1.4 all the way!

  10. Ed Hernandez

    Amazing Great Lens, unbelievable delivery and packaging
    This is an amazing lens. The build quality of the Canon RF 50mm f/1.2 USM L is exceptional. Very expensive. It was delivered in Amazon’s great “Lighter Than” a non-padded plastic bag, wow amazing. Perfect packing. Without a doubt, this great lens was enjoyed by another fortunate customer. I was super happy to return it. Wow, just great!

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