I spotted Ophelia and her BF Matt on the streets of Kichijoji last week. They had just come from Coconuts Disk and Ophelia had scored The Square’s “Midnight Lover”, which I didn’t know at all. She told me she chose it for the cover and that she really liked the yellow car juxtaposed on the green background. Ophelia told me that she and Matt are students from Guangzhou China living in Tokyo during their studies. She is studying design and Matt is studying photography. Having been to Guangzhou a number of times myself, I suggested Ophelia and Matt connect with my pals Tom Kwan, Michell Yip, and Jason Ho who are in Guangzhou and doing amazing works connected through Fei Architecture, reviving parts of old downtown in the most imaginative ways, activating the city with art and design. 

Matt didn’t share much about what kind of photography he was interested in but told me that he shot with Sony equipment and that he was curious about my camera, which by the way is a Canon R5, mainly used with an EF24-70mm f2.8L lens, with an EF->RF click wheel adapter. Been thinking about getting the RF lenses but they’re soooo expensive AND, for some misguided reason, even though there is a click wheel on the lens, which you can assign a function like aperture, it’s for some god-forsaken reason at the FRONT of the lens, which is the weirdest place. If you however use an EF->RF adapter, the nice (and slightly more expensive one) with the click wheel on it, then you can adjust your Canon lens’ aperture like any other Nikon or Lecia! WAY better IMHO …but I do still want that RF Glass. 

Back to Ophelia. I asked her if she happened to know The Band’s great song, Ophelia and she lit up and said she did. I also asked her what, if anything, she knew about The Square. She didn’t know much, but when I got back home to catalog her score and listen to this album, I was super impressed. Of course, they’re huge and I’m apparently the last person on earth to know them, but great Funk/Jazz/Fusion band (also known as T-Square) with a huge discography. Get this! – One of their songs inspired the Super Mario Brothers’ main theme! Wow! You never know what you’re gonna discover next! 

Thank you, Ophelia and Matt! More TRS on the way!

The Square – Midnight Lover
Label: CBS/Sony – 28AP 1031
Series: Master Sound DD Direct Disk
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Japan
Released: Dec 21, 1978
Genre: Jazz
Style: Soul-Jazz, Jazz-Funk

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