Onigiri and Nao


“Honey, I think that gaijin over there on the motorcycle with the crooked smile and camera around his neck is motioning to us”

“I don’t think so. Just ignore him, he must be mistaken, and something is not quite right about that disheveled beard, those sunglasses, and that ratty bike. I’m sure he’s motioning to somebody else.”

“No, I think he’s definitely pointing us, it seems he’s interested in your record bag”


“Oh my goodness, Dear, he’s quite animated. There is something rather harmless about him. Should we check to make sure he’s not lost or perhaps worse, deranged?”

“You’re always too kind and willing to help, Nao, that’s why I love you.”

“I love you too, darling Onigiri. Now let’s go see what this poor manic, record-curious gaijin is all about…”

That seemed to be the conversation “Onigiri” (what a nickname that has apparently stuck for 8 years) and Nao seemed to be having as I was trying to wave them down from the street as they were coming out of Disk Union in Kichijoji. They are both record collectors and after Onigiri had scored a repress of the highly coveted Eraldo Volonté Presenta Jazz (Now) In Italy (an original pressing which sells for multiplied $100s) they were looking forward to heading over to Coconuts Disk, where Nao really likes. That was until I derailed their plan when I mentioned that Ella Warehouse was having a HUGE Reggae, Dub, and Dancehall 7” sale that day, where they ended up heading directly after we chatted.

Living around the area, we all knew the same shops and record store owners. I mentioned to them that Eda san (from a few posts back) had made me aware of a collective of super local Suginami DJs and vinyl junkies who regularly DJ random local cafes and bars. That really excited them. So who knows, maybe we can somehow become new recruits and meet again.

Until then, enjoy that amazing record. I listened to it today and it’s great and we’ll see you around.

More Tokyo Record Style on the way!

Eraldo Volonté – Eraldo Volonté Presenta Jazz (Now) In Italy
Label: Rearward – RW115 LP, Rearward – re 115 lp
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Country: Italy
Released: 2001
Genre: Jazz
Style: Modal, Cool Jazz

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