Jet Set Records in Shimokitazawa is known for stocking a pretty eclectic, alternative selection in music (They’re also known for this easily recognizable borrowed Pan-Am logo on their bags that somehow always spots my eye, and which I just found out was called “The Blue Meatball” back in the day.) Apparently Jet Set has a bigger shop in Kyoto, maybe the original, I’m not sure.

I spotted the Jet Set logo the other night on a smaller-sized bag being carried by the fella pictured here. Initially, I couldn’t tell if it was a CD that he had purchased or a 7inch, but it didn’t really matter, because no matter what it was, it would likely be interesting because it was from Jet Set, so… I stopped him and introduced myself and Tokyo Record Style, and he introduced himself as Naok and was obliged to let me check out his score, a record and label I never heard of: Kiss the Gambler’s single “Fresh” on Rhion. Noaki told me that he got the record cuz he was a fan of Rhion and it looked like a cool jacket. I wanted to chat him up some more, but he was on a date with a patiently waiting girl wearing a long plaid fashionable vintage coat and holding a single rose, that presumably Naoki had given her. She looked cold (and it was damn cold) so I sent him on his way before learning anything else about him or his record collecting wishing them a nice date. He mentioned that he didn’t have Instagram but I hope he can see this somehow. If you’re reading this Naoki, thanks for the photo and for stopping!

By the way, I went home and found a version of Kiss The Gambler’s Fresh on youtube and will link below. It’s pretty interesting as I’d expect from Jet Set’s curation. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, so now I’m inspired to go back! More Tokyo Record Style coming up soon!

Kiss The Gambler – Fresh(別ジャケットVer.)
Label: Rhion Records – Rhion-27
Format: Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM
Country: Japan
Released: Mar 5, 2022
Genre: Rock

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