I’m on a boat.

I guess you gotta call this one “Hiroshima Bay Record Style”. During the Golden Week Holiday in Japan, after Osaka, we took the family down to Hiroshima and the Seto Island Sea area, with a stop at Itsukushima Island to visit the famous Miyajima Shrine with the giant red Torii gate in the middle of the shallow sea, that when the tide is out, you could walk through, and when is in, you can boat through. I’d visited once before in my very early Japan days but the family had never been. So we took the ferry over in the early morning and were greeted by the unbashful deer that are all over and that will steal your Dango Mochi Balls while you’re not looking.

We mozied to and through the beautiful red shrine and took the obligatory photos, enjoying the perfectly cool sunny breezy day, shopping, and eating the adjacent local fare until the tide went out, then we walked out to the gate, snapped a few more shots, then headed back to the ferry terminal in the late afternoon just as some thin rain clouds started to roll in.

Wouldn’t you know it, in line to board the ferry, I spotted a non-Japanese guy a few passengers back, carrying a record! Admittedly, my first thought was “DAMMIT! Why didn’t I find the record store on this tiny island! Lord knows I looked!! Even just to SEE it would have been cool. Lucky Bastard!!” then of course, my next thought was, “Well, I’m definitely at least getting a Tokyo Record Style photo out this, and on a boat no less. This should be interesting.”

“Nothing is for sale!” is what was explained to Milan and Rixt from Amsterdam who stumbled into a community trade shop where island residents can leave, or take items, “You’re welcome to take or leave whatever you like.” Lucky for Milan, he scored this curious Japanese Mambo record, replete with Obi. Milan explained to me that he and Rixt were visiting Japan for the 3rd time and were trekking the UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Kodo Trails – Wonderful! Back in Holland, they love playing downtempo and ambient records and lots of other music at parties and on a beautiful rig at home. Last snapshot I caught from afar was Milan using the record to shield Rixt from the rain 🙂

What a perfect day!

T. Misago & His Tokyo Cuban Boys – The Study Of Latin Rhythms
Label: CBS – YS-10015-JC
Format: Vinyl, LP, Stereo
Country: Japan
Released: 1965
Genre: Latin
Style: Mambo

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