Bumped into Markus visiting Japan for the first time from Berlin where he works for a major record label managing artists and musicians! WOW! It appeared by the contents of his record store bag, which had a smattering of all-genre scores from Disk Union, HMV, and Tower, that Markus was a record-store tear! He was generous with his time with me but I could tell he was keen to get to Face Miyashita before it closed in 30 min. We had a nice short chat and I shot him on the stairs suspended over Organ Zaka that go up to the roof-top park (…still boggles my mind that this was once the somewhat dingy park filled with blue-sheet dwellings where I made many-a-photo, warmed by hands around a trashcan of waribashi wooden chopsticks, drink many of street beers with my fellow broke-ass friends and the blue-sheet dwellers.)

Anyway, having had the good fortune to visit Berlin several times in the last few years (but never having had a chance to make it to a record store, too busy with work) I asked Markus about the state of the record store scene there, which he shared was fairly vibrant. Covid lingerings foiled my last planned visit to Berlin which had been slated for spring of this year, which as luck was going to have it, would coincide exactly with Europe’s biggest record fair in Utrecht, Holland, a relatively short trans-euro train ride that I was SO looking forward to! Markus, however, managed to go, which I think must say something about his enthusiasm for vinyl. 

It’s also interesting to consider how many travelers I’m photographing for Tokyo Record Style. If it hasn’t been coined yet, I’m calling this phenomenon “Reco-Tourism”, potentially a very interesting new emerging market, perhaps like eating the local fair, a great lens through which to experience a city. Gonna be giving this some more thought in the coming months. 

Markus had heaps of records to be photographed with but pulled out this (apparently highly-coveted and bootleg) version of “Everything it Love” by The Carters, i.e. Beyonce and Jay Z. Very refined and seasoned tastes I’d say, as you’d expect from somebody with Markus’s perspective. 

Thanks for sharing, Markus! Happy trails! 

More TRS on the way!

The Carters – Everything Is Love
Label: Not On Label – DJX-3303
Series: DJX Series
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Promo, Unofficial Release, Pink
Country: UK
Released: Sep 1, 2018
Genre: Hip Hop

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