Meet Lucas from Washington DC and Miami, visiting Tokyo after completing his post-grad studies. Jeez, Lucas, I’m not gonna do out great conversation justice cuz I let too much time pass between the time we met and the time I could sit down and write this, but one thing I remember for sure, nobody has more more gracious with their time since I started this project. We talked about so many subjects, TOO many to remember them all. Ah, I’m gonna butcher this but I think I remember Lucas told me that his mother was from Argentina, and his father was from Dominican Republic, and he grew up in Miami with tons of music in the house, his mother having brought many records with her to the states from Argentina. Coincidentally I had been recently listening almost not stop for several days to a band that has been coined the Argentinian Beatles, “Serú Girán”, lead by the cultural icon, Charly Garcia, recommended to me by Tokyo Record Style follower Julian Cirnigliaro. What a band – ripping instrumentalists, particularly the bassist who is a monster! I might call them the Argentinian “Happy End” or “Secos y Mulhados” (if you happen to know them – another brilliant 70s band but from neighboring Brazil). I recommended to Lucas (and now to you) Serú Girán’s debut self-titled album from 1978. Prepare to have your mind blown (Thanks Julian)!

When I asked Lucas if he had any Argentinian legends to recommend to me, he introduced me to Buenos Aires new wave rockers, the 3-piece “Soda Stereo” who, turns out, are the best-selling band in Argentina’s history! How exactly did I miss these guys? I’ve only dipped my toe into Soda Stereo so far, but definitely like what I’m hearing – New Wave Post Punk. They have kind of an alt-ska sound, little INXS, Talking Heads, and Police maybe. Very cool. Now that I have at least 2 Argentinian heavy hitters in my back pocket, I’m gonna be looking a little more carefully in the Latin, South American, or World section at the local record shot. I wonder where all the Argentina records are in Tokyo …somewhere.

Lucas scored some quintessential City Pop which we also talked a lot about. He mentioned being a big fan of Blondie whose Debbie Harry I had the amazing chance to meet once backstage stage at her solo show years ago, and yes, I was hot, hot, hot, for a woman more than twice my age at the time. Couldn’t help it one bit, Talk about charisma! She stole the hearts of every person she encountered. And speaking of stealing hearts, Lucas mentioned that one of his other passions besides music was connected to his political advocacy work in Washington D.C. and helping Latin American citizens and would-be citizens get essential civic services and support. Having a year brother-in-law of 20+ years from Monterrey, Mexico (REPREZENTE!) who adds SO MUCH to my extended international family and who has gone through the lengthy and stressful USA green-card and naturalization processes with my sister and their 2 lovely kids, Lucas’ work is really meaningful to me. So I SALUTE YOU, AMIGO! ¡Haz tu mejor esfuerzo! Hope to meet you again someday, Lucas. Until then, be good.

Anri – タイムリー [Timely!!]
Label: For Life Records – FLJF-9535
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo, Transparent Sky-Blue
Country: Japan
Released: Jul 19, 2023
Genre: Funk / Soul, Pop
Style: City Pop, Boogie, Disco, Funk, Soul, Kayōkyoku

You Hayami [早見優] – Dear [ディアー]
Label: Taurus (7) – 20TR-2025
Format: Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Blue Transparent
Country: Japan
Released: Aug 21, 1983
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music, Pop
Style: Kayōkyoku, Spoken Word, Synth-pop

The Beatles – Abbey Road
Label: Apple Records – UICY-79051/2
Format: CD, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered, Special Edition, Stereo, SHM-CD
CD, Compilation, SHM-CD
Country: Japan
Released: Sep 27, 2019
Genre: Rock

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