Leslie, Jeff (and Cousin Kevin)

How can, after all these years, Shibuya Scramble, AKA, “The busiest interaction in the world” keep impressing? It knocked my socks off the first time I saw it as it does everybody who has ever beared witness to it, and it’s still captivating me two decades later, even having seen it literally thousands of times. Viewing it from slightly afar these days, say from the new Sakura pedestrian overpass, with the major ongoing transformation, new skyscrapers arising all around it like a citadel, while the Tokyo Department Store that as once sat in the center atop the station having come down, you can start to envious the giant sprawling plaza puzzle that it’s becoming. From a block or two over, it appears more like a neon vista than ever, something that somewhat uncomfortably starts to resemble more of Las Vegas than Shibuya. Even so, there is no arguing that what makes Shibuya Scramble such a sight is not really the sight of it, but rather the sight OF the sight of it, which is to say, the people for every corner of the country, the globe, and all the walks of life there are, collectively taking it in, strutting their stuff across the scramble, some beaming and wide-eyed, some bewildered, some pretending not to be impressed by it all, but it’s too fantastic and mesmerizing not crack a grin every time you bask in it’s lights and traverse it’s zebra crossing. It’s really quite something.

It’s also where I bumped into lovely Leslie, Jeff …and “Cousin Kevin” we coined him on the spot. They are Tokyo locals here just out on the town, having a stop at Tower Records to pick up a copy of Tatsuo Yamashita’s For You. We had a nice riffing chat about City Pop and shared some of our favorite musicians. Husband and Wife, Jeff and Leslie also explained to me that they were into watches, and also roasting coffee and showed me some of their treasures. When I mentioned that Tokyo Record Style was in the Humans of New York (ish) vein, Leslie, being a writer herself I believe, perked up and was following me on Instagram before I could even share my handle. THANKS! Looking forward to enjoying your writing as well (and timepiece/coffee/music-appreciating too!)

Great to meet you guys! Hope you enjoy that record and hope you pick up next a few of the other artists we discussed. Looking forward to bumping into you again someday, who knows, maybe it will be back at Shibuya Scramble! Be sure to bring ol’ Cousin Kevin too!

More Tokyo Record Style on the way!

Tatsuro Yamashita – For You
Label: Air Records – RAL-8801
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Country: Japan
Released: Jan 21, 1982
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul
Style: Ballad, City Pop, Funk, Soft Rock, Soul

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