Did you know that, according to research, the average person meets about 80,000 people in their lifetime? As a rather outgoing person myself, I was guessing I’d fall somewhere on the high end of that curve, that was until I started to crunch the numbers. If you live to be 80, that’s 1000 people a year, every year of your life, which is about 3 people a day on average. You’d think the only way to keep that high average would be by joining occasions like parties, classes, or gatherings where you meet a lot of people at once …but wouldn’t that be offset again by all the days you DON’T meet 3 people a day? On one hand, it seems impossibly high, but on the other hand, I think about the notion of meeting every single person in a giant packed stadium, how long that might take, and then suddenly the idea of that became quite a thought experiment, but I digress.

The reason I mentioned this is that I met Ksniea and her partner Mike from Moscow for just a few short moments. They were here visiting Tokyo for the first time and on their way to Seoul, Korea, and Bali, Indonesia after Japan. Ksenia runs a culinary school which instantly transported me back to Boulder’s Farmer’s Market, where on winter weekends I get the most delicious piping hot Piroshki’s from a little food cart in front of the Dushanbe Tea House (Ah, I could really go for one of those now!) She told me she was scoring this Taylor Swift Record as a gift for a friend back in Moscow, and judging by how she’s holding it, which I loved, and is kinda of an endearing Tokyo Record Style first, Ksniea either really loves Taylor Swift, or her friend, or both …and or maybe like you, reader, just loves music. Doesn’t it show?

Ksniea and Mike were very kind, friendly, and generous with their time but it was about 8:50 pm and they there was somewhere they needed to be before it closed at 9pm. Even though we exchanged a fair bit, and I got these lovely lovely photos, it was a whirlwind meeting that lasted barely 3 minutes. But it was a genuine connection, amongst so many that I guess I will make in my lifetime, but one that was memorable and that I’m grateful for. Thank you, Ksniea and Mike. Hope we meet again someday.

Taylor Swift – Folklore
Label: Republic Records – B0032752-01
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Brown “In The Trees” Marbled
Country: US
Released: 2023
Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Vocal, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Ballad

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