Jason Garcia

There are two sports that, despite being a student of neither, command my respect more than any others: Boxing and Skateboarding. Both demand enduring enormous physical pain, psychological distress, and emotional failure. No athletes get knocked down harder than these two. Yet, in the instances when defeat can be overcome when punches and landings are stuck square, it’s never the adrenaline, the force, the strategy, or the athleticism that impresses me, but rather the dogged determination, the unwillingness to fail, even if outmatched, the mental fortitude of facing fear. There’s a virtue, grace, and majesty to that that captivates me even though I never quite understand what I’m seeing.

I think the comparison could be made similarly about two seemingly disparate genres of music: Jazz and Punk. While one could rightfully argue, depending on which side of the musical spectrum one might be, that the other genre is just a bunch of dissonant noise, however in the essence of both is a purest kind of freedom that connects them in ways other genres aren’t. One is colored with notes rejected by standard conventions, said to be blue, while the other is colored with attitudes that reject mainstream. And before I go another word further to make an essay of this, let me just admit now that I know just, just barely enough about both these genres to say something to get me in trouble, just enough to take them apart, but not enough to put them back together. But I recognize that I am in awe of them both, see the sophistication in both, collect them both, oblige myself to listen to them both for reasons I can never entirely explain. Despite my untrained ear, I can’t stop listening.

One person I know who could pontificate about them both in equal measure is Jason Garcia who is equal parts Power-Pop Punk and Hepcat Jazzman. Jason’s deep knowledge of both Jazz and Punk will knock you out like a boxer or a blue note, or mesmerize you like a kickflip or an “Oi Oi Oi” between DJ sets at an upcoming record-spinning event we’re planning for the not-so-distant future. See you there!

Joe Jackson – I’m The Man – The 7-Inch Album
Label: A&M Records – SP-18000
Format: 5 x Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Album, Stereo
Box Set
Country: US
Released: 1979
Genre: Rock, Pop
Style: New Wave, Power Pop

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