Godzilla Was Too Drunk To Destroy Tokyo

This is a fun one.

For a light-hearted work-related project, we were celebrating International Dinosaur Day (who knew?) and were looking across the interwebs for dinosaur/monster/Godzilla-themed projects to recruit to be involved when I happened to stumble across Italian Stoner Rockers, “Godzilla Was Too Drunk To Destroy Tokyo” AKA GWTDTDT who would be, for the first time, in their career, visiting Tokyo from Finale Ligure, near Genova where they are based, and touring Japan, with a night off to join our event, which they did, presenting this story of their band and their sonic creation of “heavy psych monster fuzz from the atomic void.”

The trio consists of Sara De Luca who plays jurassic thunder roaring bass and fronts the stage on vocals, and occasionally belting into the mic from dinosaur mask that looks as though she’s about to devour it. Alessandro Camu leads heavy melodies with some monstrously shredding chops on guitar, but also retaining a delicate touch in the fingers that accentuate funky, jazzy, and zappa-esqe interludes, all fuzzed to the max, like tone of a overdriven Godzilla screech. Then you have this unassuming, genially all-smiles, happy-go-lucky, suspiciously innocent-looking drummer, Nicola Viola, who once behind the kit, suddenly erupts into an extremely deadly beast, a volcanic tornado of fury, with the ferocity of a preying velociraptor, and the lethal accuracy of a kung-fu master’s 1-inch punch. Together, the three of them RAGE with monster fuzz, but never without musicality that would make you flee, becoming an electric Godzilla Beast beast right before your eye, something truly to behold, both terrifying and beautiful …and just slightly too drunk to destroy Tokyo.

GWTDTDT put on a great pulled-back acoustic set for my work project’s audience where we snapped this photo after they gifted me their latest record, Evil Lord, which dons a feral, laser-eyed raccoon on a skateboard, and sounds absolutely awesome, in the truest sense of the word. Two nights later I saw them at full-throttle and in full glory at Pit Bar in Nishiogikubo where absolutely shredded and where I snapped a few more photos that I was happy to see them sharing out as part of their first successful tour in Japan (and where I fanned-out collecting the paper setlist as another memento the end of the performance that now accompanies my LP.) I really hope they come back to japan someday and I get to see them again. Their record and entire discography is well worth checking out, and I encourage you to score a copy and hopefully support their next tour to terrorize your city with “heavy psych monster fuzz from the atomic void.” Until then…

Take care Sara, Alessandro, and Nicola. It was great to meet you and see you perform live. Thank you for your generosity and friendship! Looking forward to seeing Godzilla Was Too Drunk To Destroy Tokyo and enjoying this record until I do.

More Tokyo Record Style on the way.

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