About a month back, I had mentioned being in Union Vinyl, Disk Union’s flagship store in Shinjuku on a Saturday afternoon. As is usually the case, the shop was filled to the brim with vinyl junkies of various non-descriptions. Meandering around the bins, about a foot above the rest was a curiously-looking, curly-blonde-headed-big-haired western gal whose overall look I thought might make for a great photo. When I saw her leaving from the corner of my eye, I paused my perusing, followed her out, and approached her, catching that her Sultan, a traveler to Japan from Turkey. I pitched her “TRS” – the concept she loved, but she hadn’t actually bought any records. Stumped, I asked her to, well, at least recommend some Turkish legends to check out – Barış Manço was her suggestion, who I listened to and who was awesome. I bid her farewell without making her photo despite the great and very typical TRS-style conversation. I later regretted not making her photo on the technicality that she didn’t have a record, and vowed henceforth that, were the situation to ever occur again, I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, and that so long as the subject recommended a great record, they needn’t actually be holding the record for the photo. I mean, after all, this IS about loving music, right?

So when I met George from Australia coming out of HMV, and when he told me he hadn’t actually scored a record, I both thought to myself, and said as much “Well, I got this new rule for Tokyo Record Style on standby for situations just like these.” After we had a nice chat, and as I was putting him on the spot, and as he was rubbing his chin searching the backlogs of his brain for the right recommendation, I said, “What about Gee Tee (on his shirt) Who are they?” “OF Course!” George exclaimed, “These guys are great!!” and went on to explain to me what Egg Punk is… Look it up. George was absolutely right. Gee Tee are truly killer – great raw punk, with growly vocals, and some lovely harmonic guitar overtones. Nirvana-ish actually, possibly my new favorite band …until my next new fav.

THANKS GEORGE! Safe Travels!

More Tokyo Record Style on the Way!

Gee Tee – Goodnight Neanderthal
Label: Goner Records – 181GONE, Urge Records (10) – URGE-LP07
Format: Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Yellow
Country: US
Released: Mar 3, 2023
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Rock & Roll, Punk

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