Welcome to my 200th Tokyo Record Style post! AMAZING! Thank you all for joining me along this wildly fun journey so far. Here’s to the next 200! 

Wow, 2024 will mark my 20th year in Japan and I tell ya, Shibuya is still Shibuya. Yeah, she’s a little shinier, a little taller, a little more electric, but she’s still got that Shibuya “charm” …ok, fine, not for everyone. But c’mon, just admit it, yes she’s crowded, noisy, juvenile, and obnoxious, but she’s darling too, Forever 21, Hysterically Glamourous, Ichimaru-cutey. I mean it’s just who she is, and if you can’t love her that, then I ask you “Where’s your heart?” She’s just begging to be loved. Fine… throw your nose up at her, you SNOB! I don’t care. I always love her, pimples and all. 

Gaw, looking back at Shibuya, the Gyaru subcultures of Agejo, Ganguro, Yamamba who once ruled these streets may long be gone, but you never really have to wait to long for something or somebody to catch your eye. Nobody can say that Destiny, pictured here, visiting “The Shibs” all the way from L.A. with her pals Sabrina and Tata, all dressed to the 10s, aren’t trying their best to “Keep Shibuya Crazy™” Not only were this dynamic trio a trip to chat up, tatted and manicured to the hilt, the time of their lives that they were having was certainly rubbing off on me. The whole madness of the scene came over me as I admired Destiny’s insane nails, blinged out with Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Kirby, and her beautiful tats (all done by master tattoo artist, AKA her father). As the Yamanote line buzzed by overhead I was suddenly reminded that this was the exact corner where years ago I had seen a colorfully dressed man walking what I mistook for a great dane on a leash, when in actuality, it was an …enormous …white ….baboon. …but I digress

Anyway, these lovely ladies’ colorful …well, everything won me over, especially so when Destiny and Sabrina busted out two compact film cameras #LONGLIVEFILM! We took some photos with their cameras, shared some more smiles out on the street before they dashed off for dinner. Thanks, Ladies. Hope Japan fills you to your heart’s content. Safe travels and just remember, we’ll always have Shibuya.

Nujabes – Metaphorical Music
Label: Hyde Out Productions – HOLP-002
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
Country: Japan
Released: Nov 3, 2018
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz
Style: Conscious, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Hip Hop, Downtempo, Easy Listening, Instrumental

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