Globe-trotting Bridget I caught up with on Organ Zaka, the street that leads you from Tower Records up to Parco (where Disk Union is) and back down to the HMV Shibuya. She was carrying the iconic Tower Vinyl bag having just scored a record, not for herself but for her significant other who is a huge Oasis fan (and what do you buy an Oasis fan who might already have everything? Their latest offering a 3-disc set “Live from Knebworth 1996” where 250,000 Oasis fans converged to two record breaking, era-defining shows marking the “pinnacle of the band’s success and the landmark gathering for a generation.” I’m sure any Oasis fan and vinyl lover is going to CHERISH a gift like this – music really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Bridget was all smiles and happy to share all about her diverse background, mentioning she was from New Zealand and also the Philippines, Cebu actually where I have visited before doing some volunteer work in the Visayas region after Hurricane Yolanda in 2015. She heard about a few of my stories there, and some of the amazing generosity I experienced, and we had a nice little moment.

Despite liking Oasis too, she admitted to feeling a little awkward posing with a record that was a gift for her partner, who was the true fan of the band. So I asked her if she had been buying a record for herself, what would she have bought. She explained to me that her dad was a radio DJ in the 80s and 90s and I and she said she loved the music she grew up listening to at home and from his collection, “You know, the classics” she said. I asked “Like the Beatles and the Stones?” and she gasped, “Not THAT old” which put me in my place so quickly that I laughed out loud. “More like Hall & Oats, Chicago, Eagles, and Sade …Oh! If I were buying for myself, I’d probably buy a Sade record.”

Bridget, you do have a little air of Sade about you. Thank you for sharing your time and story with me. Hope “Oasis, Live from Knebworth 1996” made for a delightful present! Good on ya’ for giving the gift of music and vinyl records! See you around!

More Tokyo Record Style on the way! 

Oasis – Knebworth 1996
Label: Big Brother – RKIDLP98
Format: 3 x Vinyl, LP, Album, 180g Heavyweight
Country: Europe
Released: Nov 19, 2021
Style: Britpop

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