Asa and Hitomi

“Who are these two interesting and colorful characters browsing around in Shimokita’s Disk Union? Are they together? They must be. Oh, look! Dare I say he’s going to buy that record, wait, another! Maybe if I just look a little longer in the 45s, keep an eye on them, and then time the purchase of these outer sleeves right as they’re walking to the register, then I can conveniently walk out at the same time as them. Oh, good, Auld Lang Syne has been queued for the shop’s closing. Just wait a little longer, Brian. Wait a sec… could this be considered stalking? Surely not. But I think it is. I think this IS stalking… How can, Oh! They’re heading to the register. Go Go Go!”

A few minutes later on the street…

“Pardon me… Sorry to trouble such a lovely couple, but might you two have just been shopping at the music store? Do those happen to be records, by chance?*

“Why yes! Yes, we have, and yes these are records. And of what concern is it to you, young lad?”

“Oh well you see kind sir and m’lady, I too am a collector of records, I have quite a few indeed. I am also trained in the arts of portraiture photography, you see, and I’m making portraits for a brand new series called “Tokyo Record Style”, quite entirely now, and, well, you see… you two, having just purveys what are no doubt some fine records, and looking incredibly dapper and quite stylish indeed, would look absolutely fabulous as part of this new series. Would you care to have your photo made with your new records here? It shan’t take by a moment of your time, kind sir and madam?”

“By all means, chap. We’d be delighted!!

“Well, just splendid, I say! Simply marvelous! The name is Brian, you see, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, kind sir, and madam!”

“Call me Asa, and this breathtaking beauty at my side is Hitomi. And I assure you, the pleasure is all ours. How shall we begin? How, shall I say, do you want us in the light?”

Asa and Hirome were really quite # nice and I really did follow them out of the records store and I’m really glad I did because we chatted each other up quite a bit sharing a lot of smiles. Asa told me about working in Record stores for 20+ years (actually one of DU’s main competitors).

I’m glad we chatted because they also told me about an upcoming pop-up event for Chinese New Year in Shimokita‘s new-ish retail space Bonus Tracks, the following day, where outside Pianola Records would be Sacco (fellow US transplant who I have been wanting to meet for while) of Uptown Records in Koenji. I got to chat up Sacco and learn about Uptown Records which was really cool, and between his table, a Pianola Records, there was so much music that I had absolutely no idea about. So now I’m even more excited to visit Uptown Records and follow both their and Pianola’s Instagram for music recommendations!

Madonna – Like A Virgin
Label: Sire – P-13033
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Country: Japan
Released: Nov 28, 1984
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: Pop Rock, Synth-pop, Disco

BREAKfAST – 眩暈 (Vertigo)
Label: Thrash On Life Records – TOL-006
Format: CD, Album
Country: Japan
Released: Dec 1, 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash, Hardcore, Speed Metal, Punk

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