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A Tokyo Record Style FIRST! The album photographed here, Argentinian in origin, Las Grandes Creacions de Antonio Tormo, scored by this cute couple that I met outside Tower Records in Shibuya, has no Discogs listing and is nowhere to be streamed – a record that is officially off the grid, proving yet again, that if you want access (and knowledge of existence) to the full breadth of music available, record stores are still your best bet. And the fact that I can’t listen to this album, except directly from Akira and Noa’s copy pictured here, makes me want to listen to it all the more! What a find!

So much young and vibrant energy was emanating off these two as we chatted about music and about their last live shows, and the music they love. They mentioned last seeing J-alt-rockers, One OK Rock, seeing past and looking forward to future Summer Sonic festivals, and a love for K-Pop. Akira mention that he’s part of a creative unit called “Bandit” who produce Hip Hop, dance, and electronic music – I gave them a listen – quite cool! When I heard this, I asked him if he happened to know of another similarly creative unit called “Killa” or the recording artist and member, KEPHA, both he and Noa lit up and said OF COURSE adding that they were big fans. I mentioned that I’m also a KEPHA fan, and that his father is a close personal friend of mine, and co-host of my PechaKucha Podcast, “Top 5 Records” …the supremely cool, one and only, “bemsha!”

So bemsha, if you’re reading this, relay these friendly sentiments on to KEPHA and tell him I met some of his fans on the streets of Shibuya. Maybe we should connect these two at the upcoming Tokyo Record Style Day, ahem, on March 19th from 2pm to 5pm (come one come all) …or anytime!

Well folks, another day, another record, another style! More TRS on the way!

Antonio Tormo – Las Grandes Creacions de Antonio Tormo
Label: RCA Camden – CAS-3473
Format: Vinyl, LP, Mono
Country: Argentina
Released: ????
Genre: Latin, Folk, World, & Country
Style: Zamba, Chacarera, Chamamé, Copla

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